Author Topic:   Player Change at level completion.
posted August 13, 2001 04:20 PM            
In a two person game, I find Rival Ball's design of changing the player at the end of every level very annoying. I think that DXBall's design, whereby a player plays until he loses his ball(s) makes much more sense.

In the Rival Ball FAQ, I find this:

<Begin FAQ piece>

Q. How do I play a normal “Hot Seat**” game of Rival Ball?
A. Under the first name (The default is “Player 1”) you will see a vertical row of three red Xs. Clicking on one of these Xs will turn it into a light blue checkmark. This means that another “Hot Seat” player has been added to the game. You can change this player’s name with the same process as above.

**A “Hot Seat” game means that players take turns, each time the current player loses a ball it will be the next player’s turn. Play begins with the player in “Player 1” position, then follows down the list in numerical order.

<End FAQ piece>

This does not seem to occur. I still have to relinquish my turn every time I complete a level...

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or is the game (poorly) designed this way? I should think that this would be at best an option, and certainly not the default, but that's my opinion.

Great game, but I'll probably end up playing DXBall most of the time when playing multiple players if I can't iron out this wrinkle.

Thank you for any help you can give.



posted August 16, 2001 05:09 AM            
The FAQ was in error and has been corrected.

The intention in Rival Ball hotseat mode is to have the player turn switch when a level is completed. Players complained that they had to wait too long for their turn in the DX-Ball 2 hotseat....thus the change...



posted August 16, 2001 05:38 AM            
Thanks for the reply JIm.

For my part, I am in total disagreement. You can never "get a run going"; I can't "get hot". Everyone I play (about 10 players locally, haven't yet tried the network feature yet) agrees with me.

I submit that in Rival Ball v1.2 that this be changed back, or perhaps, made an optional setting. I can't believe that others wanted this changed.

Other than that, I am fairly pleased with the game. I'm going to write a full review in another post.

Jim, thanks for the response.



posted August 23, 2001 07:14 PM            

I'm man enough to admit when I was wrong.

Rival Ball's way of changing players *is* better, changing at the end of each level.

Oponent's that play less than I do get to play at the end of each screen, and we get to decide at the end whether I will continue through the end or start another game.

If I was to play someone better than me, I too would rather play every 3-4 mins than every 30-40.

I stand corrected in calling this a weak update to the game; it makes it more fun for everyone.

I'm sorry for my original post slamming the feature; it is truly a better way to play.

WytnoiZ - Ed