Author Topic:   Difficulty Levels Don't Feel Fully Thought Out...
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posted July 25, 2001 09:38 PM         
Hey LDA,
I want to let you know that besides this one gripe I think Rival Ball is a great sequel to the DX Ball series. I appreciate the new powerups, the limited time usage of the power ups, the occasional 3 powerups from one brick, the new bonuses, and the concept of difficulty levels is great but...

I'm not liking the NEUTERING of many of the key nasty and a few beneficial powerups due to the user's current difficulty level. The dreaded Tiny Ball powerup is a great example of this. In Medium difficulty level this powerup has NO EFFECT. One of the "nice" little safety nets of the Medium difficulty level is absolute protection from this powerup. In Hard and Impossible difficulty the ball is already tiny to begin with so AGAIN this powerup has no point here either. On the flip side, in Hard difficulty you can't enlarge your paddle more than the base size.

Please take these safety nets and whatever the opposite would be out of the game!

There already is a big difference in the levels via the time the power ups last and the starting condtions, I feel these further limitations really take a lot away from the game's many devious traps and benefits.