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posted July 06, 2001 06:13 PM         
I have a problem with the screen for the rival ball. I have all the games for dxball and never had a problem with the visuals but when I click on start half the time I have nothing but wavy irritating lines across three quarters of my screen and the beginning of the web page near the bottom. I have to reboot to get out of it. Is this an issue you can assist me with?


posted July 07, 2001 04:24 AM            
Rival Ball Technical FAQ

Q. My game freezes or crashes, what’s wrong?
A. Video and audio hardware drivers are most often responsible for freezes and crashes. Please download and install the newest drivers for both your video and sound card (Especially if you are running Windows ME, many older Windows 98 drivers are not compatible with Windows ME).

Rival Ball also requires the newest version of Microsoft’s Direct X, currently 8.0a. You can download Direct X from:

If you continue to have problems or if you need assistance identifying your hardware or locating divers, please email the a detailed description of your difficulties to Support@LongbowDigitalArts.com. Please include as much possible detail about your system setup, such as the make and models of your video and sound cards and what version of windows you are running.

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