Author Topic:   Can't start DxBall2?
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posted May 19, 2004 03:36 AM            
I'm using an HP laptop with Windows XP, 2.2 gig Celeron processor, 256 MB RAM, tons of free space and free memory...

My daughter downloaded the original DxBall on this computer tonight, and played it awhile. When I turned on the computer a few hours later to play it, though, it wouldn't work. The black screen would pop up, with no graphics, and then flicker and minimize down to my taskbar. I couldn't get it to close or start, and had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close it.

So, I came here and downloaded DxBall 2 version 1.3, thinking it must have been a fluke in the original, but the same thing is happening to me with this one as well. Any ideas what could be happening? I want to buy the full version, but only if it will work on this computer. It's running fine on my dinosaur of a desktop, which has almost no memory and a graphics card that can rarely handle any games, so I'm wondering why I'm having trouble on my laptop?


posted May 19, 2004 11:02 AM            
Sometimes with laptops it is a problem changing resolutions. You may either need to configure your video card to allow 640x480 resolution (probably by right-clicking the desktop, selecting properties and going to the settings tab - this is different for different computers) or you can try playing in windowed mode ( go to C:\Program Files\LDA Games\DX-Ball 2 or wherever you installed DX-Ball 2 in My Computer and double-click config.cfg. Change forcewindowed=0 to 1 and run the game again).

Alternatively, XP also causes problems sometimes. You may need to set the program to run in win2000 or 98 compatibility mode. To do this right click the dx-ball 2 desktop shortcut and select properties. There should be a tab called compatibility. Click that and choose win2000 or 98 from the drop down box and then try running the program again.

Let us know if you're still having trouble.



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posted June 03, 2004 05:52 PM         
I use windows XP and DX ball runs fine on our computer