Author Topic:   Patch to version 1.25?
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posted October 17, 2003 08:40 AM         
I have the registered board pack #1 from DX-Ball 2 version 1.0. Some years ago (June 1999) I downloaded a patch to upgrade to version 1.2. I was wondering if there is a patch to version 1.25? If not, is there a location to download the updated file(s) to prevent problems where the sound is delayed slightly?

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posted October 17, 2003 11:17 AM            
The latest demo on our site can be installed and will fix the sound lag. All of our games new default install into an "LDA Games" folder within "Program Files", so your older install won't be overwritten...

The older copies of Board-Pack #1 won't work and will need to be updated.

If you email me with your name, address and email as they would have appeared on the old order, I should be able to trace it and will set you up with a new download key for the Board-Pack.