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posted December 31, 2001 08:47 PM            
please help.love this game have dxball 2. but having troubles when i open it up. runs very slow.i have tried everything i can think of. tried all different settings i shut of all windows that are running. but nothing helps. the only way it works fine is when i hit f 7 to half mode can you help. i have directx 7 do i need to get direct 8.0 or 8.1. i would appricate any help i can get thankyou


posted December 31, 2001 09:28 PM         
yep, for DirectX 8.x, go here.


LDA Kusari
posted January 01, 2002 11:53 AM            

Here are some simple steps that you can try, if none of them help I recommend that you run an up-to-date cold-boot, DOS-based virus scan of your system to rule out computer viruses as the possible cause for your slow down.

Make sure that nothing is running in the background as you play, right-click and close any extraneous icons in your system tray, especially anti-virus software, which is notorious for degrading the performance of most games.

Also, an edit to the config.cfg file located in the main DXBall2 folder can help to correct this problem. In a default installation you can find the DXBall2 folder on your hard drive under your Program Files folder.

Close DX-Ball 2, then use Windows Explorer to find the DXBall2 folder and open config.cfg with Notepad, as it is a text file.

Find the line that reads "HighPriorityClass = 0" and change it to "HighPriorityClass = 1", save the file and restart DX-Ball2.

Make sure that your sound and video drivers are completely up-to-date and that you have the newest version of DirectX from http://www.microsoft.com/directx .

If you continue to have problems after all that, then please send me the details of your system setup, such as the make and models of your video and sound cards and what version of windows you are running: support@longbowdigitalarts.com



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