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posted December 19, 2001 12:58 PM            
How can you save your scores? Each time I exit and return to play again, the name listed is not mine. I originally downloaded the demo pack and then purchased the board pack #1. Help, anyone?


LDA Kusari
posted December 26, 2001 11:22 AM            

There is was an issue with the main program installation last week that prevented the high scores from saving.

Basically the installation program failed to create /scores folder where the high scores are normally saved to.

If you create this folder manually your scores should start saving correctly.

The /scores folder needs to sit under the /DXBall2 folder, which in turn sits under the Program Files folder on your hard drive.

You can either use Windows Explorer to navigate to the /DXBall2 folder and then click File -> New -> New Folder, and name it Scores.

Or you can just download a fresh copy of the main DX-Ball 2 program and install it over your current DX-Ball 2 installation to automatically create the /scores folder.

You can get the main DX-Ball 2 program from the DX-Ball 2 page on our website : http://www.longbowdigitalarts.com/dxball2.html , the file name is: dxb2game125.exe .



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