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posted December 16, 2001 05:40 PM         
I would like to order DX-Ball 2, but I'm not sure that I understand the differences between #1, #2, #3, memorial pack etc. Are they completely different? If I order all of them that means that I will have 626 boards or not?
What is the optimal solution?

PS Excuse my English, I am fron non-English speaking country
Thx in advance.


LDA Kusari
posted December 26, 2001 11:25 AM            

This is the list of board-packs and board-sets for DX-Ball 2:

DX-Ball Board-Pack (also known as Board-pack #1)

Variations on a Dream 25 boards
Searching for Bucephelas 25 boards
Equalizer 25 boards
Hide and Glow Seek 25 boards
Expedition Corn Fed 25 boards
Journey to the Sun 25 boards
Total 150 boards

Board-Pack #2

Babes and Matriarchs 25 boards
Agamemnon's Revenge 50 boards
Kickers, Hats and Wraps 25 boards
Stingers, Legs and Backs 25 boards
Coveting the Grail 25 boards
Total 150 boards

Board-Pack #3

Kimonos and Coverings 25 boards
Meadows and Mountains 25 boards
It's in the Shrubbery 50 boards
Vegetarian Feast 25 boards
Harmonious Maze 25 boards
Total 150 boards


Memorial set 100 boards
Camouflage and Disguise 25 boards
Hitchhiker 25 boards
Gemstone Letters 26 boards
Total 176 boards


Tribute Set 50 boards
Challenge Set 50 boards
Classic DXBall Set 50 boards
Total 150 boards



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