Author Topic:   Terrible Frame-Rate
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posted January 21, 2001 12:49 AM         
I'm running an AMD Athlon 950. I know that the game is software-rendered, so my graphics card has nothing to do with it (Voodoo 5 5500), but my framerate is just terrible. Obviously the game is optimized for Intel's. But with the definete increase in AMD's being sold, please tell me that at least a patch will come out for the Athlons. I also have 256 megs of ram. If I can run Unreal Tourny in a decent res, with all effects and no slowdown, then this should be a joke. But it's choking. Any help would be appreciated greatly.



posted January 21, 2001 01:43 AM            
The cpu should be no problem...

It sounds more like video drivers or interference from utility programs....

For example...with video drivers....which is a known problem with the ATI Rage 128 card.

the latest drivers from www.ati.com fix the problem..... Most "new" computers ship with dated drivers...


When a program running in the background is competing for time, it can result in interference, which shows up as jerky behavior.

Try windowed mode with "F7", as soon as the intro screen starts.

If that helps then a small utility or some other program is interfering with DX-Ball 2.

...so check and turn off all that you can....e.g....short-cut bars, anti-virus programs [ McAfee has been OK for us, but Norton causes jerkiness or worse], auto disc-scanners and cleaners, etc. We've seen problems relating to these among others. The worst offenders are utilities that speed things up, such as help organize data and fast find, etc.

Any Icon in the systray...beside the clock on the menu bar...represents a program that is running in the background. Right click and turn those off.

Let me know how things go by posting results and additional system information.



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posted January 21, 2001 03:19 PM         
I tried turning of Norton. No effect. The main problem is in the CPU. When I download and install 1.25, it works fine, WHEN I turn on the CPU priority feature. However, my 1.0 map pack does apparantely not work with it. So I'd like to keep using 1.0, as the changes are mostly cosmetic. Any ideas?