Author Topic:   Ideas for the Next Release
posted January 16, 2001 04:29 AM         
Just an idea for the next release -- have the ability to submit scores to Longbow's site automatically (similar in fashion to how planetflux.com takes submissions for Flux, perhaps) Include both regular and Kid Mode. I'm sure some kids/kids at heart would love to see their name in lights.

I thought some more.. I'd also like to see a save/load feature so you can continue an existing game. Not everyone's computer will hold a game for hours while you do other things.

Another option -- practice. The ability to play a specific board in the set, and only that board, and not be eligible for a high score. This way, players who aren't too adept at the game could play every board.

Just beat me back if I ramble too much.

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posted January 17, 2001 11:00 PM            
Leanne - I, too, would like to see the ability to SAVE/LOAD games. Although I've got the ability to leave the computer on for a long time, maybe it would be better for me (and m' grandkids) if'n there WERE a utility to save a game IN PROGRESS


posted January 21, 2001 02:04 AM            
We're working on a number of things and will plan to post high scores....

I'm not sure that we can pull off an auto-upload system though, but will have a number of other new features, including 4 difficulty levels instead of the two modes now in place...

Having a save features allows reloading and that can make "high-scores" less valid...we're considering options.