Author Topic:   Game minimizing/pausing on its own
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posted December 25, 2000 02:40 PM            
This started two days ago and continues...the screen disappears, minimizes itself, then when I bring it back up it's in "pause" so I hit "p" to continue. It happens several times each time I play. I didn't do anything different to my computer. What could be the problem?


posted January 01, 2001 03:27 AM            
This sort of problem is caused when a program running in the background is competing for time. This results in interference, which shows up in various ways.

Try windowed mode with "F7", as soon as the intro screen starts.

If that helps then you must have added a small utility or some other program that is interfering with DX-Ball 2.

Any Icon in the systray...beside the clock on the menu bar...represents a program that is running in the background. Right click and turn those off.



posted January 16, 2001 04:15 AM         
If the screen saver kicks on, it will do this. Disable it or set it to a higher time limit. If you are running memory managers like FreeMem or virus programs disable those, too.