Author Topic:   Board Pack doesn't work
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posted November 22, 2000 05:52 AM         
I have the original Board Pack for dxball 2, which is supposed to overwrite the demo-boards, enabling the full versions of the board-sets (25 levels) instead. I installed it, and it overwrote the files okay, but then I ran the game, and the boards still had 4 levels!

I tried to delete the files and then re-install the board pack (I thought there was some problem with overwriting them perhaps), but then, when I ran the game, I didn't even see the boards - they disappeared totally, even the 4-level versions... I had to re-install DXball2 to get them to work again. The game seems not to recognize the board-pack.



posted November 22, 2000 07:00 AM            
Board-pack #1 needs upgrading to work with the newer versions of DX-Ball 2...

Send me an email: support@longbowdigitalarts.com and I'll fix you up.