Author Topic:   DX Ball help- Game freezes at startup
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posted October 23, 2000 07:15 PM            
I dont know whats wrong, whenever I start up the game and click the mouse, the screen freezes. No controlaltdelete, only powering down can restart. Ive closed all programs reinstalled directx7...if i press escape, it skips to the option screen, but then if i press the mouse button it freezes and kind of looks like there upside down or backwards text at the top of the screen. im running a 233 mhx pentium with nvidia and voodoo video cards (ive tried switching to the games resolution too)0Any help would be appreciated-Just Some Guy


posted October 23, 2000 08:00 PM            
Go into the config.cfg file in the DXBall2 folder. It's a text file....so open it with "Note Pad".

Set ForceWindowed = 0 to ForceWindowed = 1 It will start the game in a window.

If that helps then a small utility or some other program is interfering with DX-Ball 2.

...so check and turn off all that you can....e.g....short-cut bars, anti-virus programs, auto disc-scanners and cleaners, etc.

We've seen problems relating to these among others.

The worst offenders are utilities that speed things up, such as help organize data and fast find, etc.

Any Icon in the systray...beside the clock on the menu bar...represents a program that is running in the background. Right click and turn those off.

That should give you a start, if not a solution.



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posted January 07, 2001 01:28 AM            
Had the same problem and figured out it was the sound driver not engageing. Re-installed sound and works great.


posted January 16, 2001 04:09 AM         
My roomie had the same problem with her Voodoo video.. There's some settings in control panel settings for the display that will correct this problem, I just can't remember what we turned off and on. Fidget with the advanced settings for all three of the base modes of the card.