Author Topic:   Okay, maybe if I [b]read[/b] the UBB instructions first...let's try this again...
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posted May 08, 2000 12:45 AM            
Hey, Michael. Wonderful game. I've been giving copies of v1.7 to everyone I know. Like Jan2b, I have to limit everyone at my house to one game, or else we never see them!!!! lol

How about a head-to-head mode for DXBall2 via the Internet? Or perhaps LAN game settings? Something so that people could take turns against each other, but be seen by both/all players.

Once again, thank you for many wonderful hours of sheer enjoyment! The only game my wife and I can agree on!

I have to edit my webpage in Notepad, so don't laugh at it. I just haven't taken the time to learn how to edit it with FrontPage or something like that. Here's the address... http://www.knology.net/~huckleberry/index.html Huck's Homespot

Thanks again for all the fun!!! Huck -------- <))))><{ Go Fishing!


Michael P. Welch
posted May 12, 2000 01:34 PM            
Actually, I do have plans to make a 4 player head-to-head game that's similar to DX-Ball. It would probably be a cool LAN party game.

If only computers came with two mice, DX-Ball would be a blast with two people playing at the same time.