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posted May 02, 2000 07:45 PM         
When I install user created board sets it sometimes happens that the game crashes until I delete them, and this means that I can only use some user created board sets - not all. Does anyone know why this happens?
It also happens with some user created board sets that the game "jumps" past some of the board sets (sometimes more than one at a time) so I don't get to play all the boards. Has anyone else noticed this?
Finally I would like to point out that it is annoying for those who have paid for the game and have to live with the 4 board limitation to see someone bragging about using a "cracked" version of the game right on this discussion forum, as in the second letter in the thread that is called "Just some ideas..."


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posted May 28, 2000 01:17 AM            
The next version of dx-ball 2 will come out soon and let you play all the levels you made...you will be able to play them all.
I just heard it, i'm not really sure if thats what is going to happen. And yes i have noticed that )

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posted May 30, 2000 12:15 PM            
Two things:
1. LDA has put plans to update DX-Ball 2 on hold. Hopefully with the help of the new additions to Longbow they will pick the project back up.

2. Corrupted Boardsets are the problem. I too have noticed that several user-created boardsets contail entire levels of unbreakable bricks, thus you skip the entire level, or just lock up the game.

This has nothing to do with the 4-board limit, nor the DXBoard editor...It seems that the boardsets themselves have become corrupt. These files are usually dowloaded from http://www.dxball.org - perhaps the admins there could verify that the files on the servers work correctly...

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