Author Topic:   Questions
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posted March 31, 2000 01:05 PM         
Before I buy the full version I'd like to ask.

1. The 150 boards - do I understand there is only 25 consecutive boards that can be played? I realize there are 6 patterns, or whatever, but once I finish 25 boards then I've "won" and that's it?

2. Is there a "save" feature? One thing I disliked about dx 1 was having to always start off with level one again.

3. Does DX 2 give free paddles after certain number of points, and if so, what is it?

Great job, by the way! Love the graphics and music.


Kim Ens
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posted April 01, 2000 08:34 PM         
Some of the boardsets contain 50 boards.
Once you have completed them, you try to beat your score.
You still cannot save your game, and finally,
there are no free paddles given. The only way to collect an extra life is to catch the
"+1" falling block(see opening screen).
Hope this helps.