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posted March 27, 2000 07:55 PM            
I'm having problems playing dxball2. it will play for a very few seconds then it freezes up the entire system to where i have to turn off the computer. i have disabled norton antivirus with no success


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posted April 05, 2000 02:36 PM            
Hi there - I am having the same problem - one thing I have discovered - if I run the game in windowed mode there's no problem.

I have also de-installed, updated, deleted, de-activated everything I can think of - but to no avail.

I suspect that some piece of software I have installed at some stage has modified something somewhere - but I can't figure out what. The only software I can recall installing or updating is MP3Blaster32 2000, and an update to norton anti-virus.

If anyone can think of a reason why the game works windowed - but locks up the system in full screen - I'd love to know.



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posted April 05, 2000 06:34 PM            

More information:

I have found that when I completely disable the audio by setting the value in the dxball.cfg file, the game runs fine in full screen mode.

As a result of this I have also tried wiping & re-installing all the sound driver files etc. Unfortunately this hasn't solved the problem yet...

Still workin' on it...


posted April 06, 2000 08:36 AM            
Try this:

Go into the config.cfg file in the DXBall2 folder.

It's a text file....so open it with "Note Pad".

First set the PlaybackBits = 8 to 16 ...If that doesn't work

try setting ForceWaveOut =0 to 1
That should look after most of the sound issues under windows 98.

Background utilities, virus checkers, fast file find utilities, menu bars, and especially any 16bit keyboard enhancements, can cause problems.

Right click and close all the iconed programs in the sys-tray...next to the clock.

Comments on Another Sound Issue...Not Directly Related:

There is one issue for winNT/2000 users. DX-Ball 2 detects NT and switches to waveout for sound. Waveout is required for NT but causes a sound delay, and as win2000 is internally NT5, that detection leaves the same sound delay for win2000 users.

We've fixed the NT/2000 detection issue for the next version, by leaving Direct-Sound active for win2000, but as version 1.3 is now on hold, I may release a minor version upgrade with a few fixes and call it version 1.2a.



posted April 07, 2000 06:08 PM            

At this point I'm sure that everyone understands any delays or cancellation of Longbow's current projects, thanks for your response.

I did have a few questions, but don't feel obligated to answer them...I know it's not really my business, but as a DX-Ball 2 and Treadmarks fan, I am natural concerned about the future of LDA:

Does this mean that you will be filling some/all of the programming needs of LDA? Or perhaps you will be turning the DX-Ball 2 project over the Michael Welch?

I also had additional Treadmarks questions concerning some work I've been doing with additional maps and a map editor, but I'm trying to not step on any toes (this time). Perhaps you could email me any plans you have for releasing a map editor for TM or even just send me a note that says: “Stay off our lawn” I promise, I will listen

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posted April 07, 2000 11:56 PM            
Seumas was very ill, but as he didn't want to concern people, we kept it quiet.

Thus, we haven't done any development work for a few months now.

LDA does have a future. We're just sorting things out...still somewhat shocked. We'll be back at work soon though...just have to decide which direction to take.

Immediate Plans:

We had a new board-pack ready for release before Seumas died. This has now been compiled and will be released as soon as I get around to making arrangements with Digital River <our store>.

We have done some work on a newer version of the DX-Ball 2 game, but this will probably be shortened to a partial up-grade....say to version 1.2a rather than a full upgrade to version 1.3 <a few fixes for now>

The DX-Ball 2 project was programmed entirely by Seumas and LDA. Michael added the classic board-pack.

We haven't yet decided on the future of DX-Ball 2, beyond what I've mentioned above.

Publishers have been talking to us about Tread Marks....can't say anymore at this time....obviously we've been less active on that front too, these past few weeks....