Author Topic:   FATAL ERROR
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posted March 03, 2000 07:28 PM            
I loved DX-Ball and i just heard about DX-BAll2 i downloaded it and whenever i select a board to play there is a fatal error in DXBALL2.EXE

Can anyone help me!!??


posted March 04, 2000 01:54 AM            
Try windowed mode with "F7", as soon as the intro screen starts.

If that helps then you must have added a small utility or some other program that is interfering with DX-Ball 2.

...so check and turn off all that you can....e.g....short-cut bars, anti-virus programs [ McAfee has been OK for us, but Norton causes jerkiness or worse], auto disc-scanners and cleaners, etc. We've seen problems relating to these among others. The worst offenders are utilities that speed things up, such as help organize data and fast find, etc.

Any Icon in the systray...beside the clock on the menu bar...represents a program that is running in the background. Right click and turn those off.

If not, then we have to look elsewhere...