Author Topic:   First timer questions
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posted February 25, 2000 11:45 PM         
I apologize to anyone who's seen answers to these questions, but I've looked through the archives and if they are there, I've missed them:

1) Is it possible to "pause" while in the middle of a board? As in, when the phone rings or the call of nature is heard? Other than by using the paddle which catches the ball.
2) Does the type of paddle and/or ball always revert to original when you complete one board and pass to the next or is there a way to carry the enhanced paddle or ball to the next board?
Thanks to anyone who has a free minute to answer me.


posted February 26, 2000 12:45 AM            
You can pause/unpause the game with the "p" key.

If you switch to windowed mode with "F7" and iconify the game, the game will be safely out of the way for as long as your computer remains on.

"F7" toggles between windowed and full screen modes.

The ball and paddle always reset with each new board.