Author Topic:   Cheats
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posted January 31, 2000 12:00 AM            
Does anyone have cheats for ragular DX Ball


Vin Lucentai
posted January 31, 2000 12:59 AM         
Try searching for some at http://www.dxball.org/

Didn't your parents tell you not to cheat? <Eerie noises> Just joking.


Dark Ruler
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posted January 31, 2000 07:36 PM            
DX-Ball 1 Cheats

Ctrl F1 = Board editor - Only works from main screen

Ctrl F1 = Normal paddle - Use during game play
Ctrl F2 = Grab paddle
Ctrl F3 = Laser paddle (guns)
Ctrl F4 = Long paddle
Ctrl F5 = Music on
Ctrl F6 = Music off
Ctrl F7 = Moves ball if stuck

When you have only one block left press the 'P' key wait one
minute and then press it again and boom, lightning from the
top of the screen blows up the last block for you!

If you get to the last level, don't finish it because if you do it takes
you to the opening screen again, not letting you enter your name into
the high scores list. I had this happen to me and I had 128,000 points
and 2 extra men! The last level has THE END written in blocks.


I researched this at the DX Ball site so you didn't have to. Just to give credit some dude named Craig Newton submitted those.