Author Topic:   starting from short cut
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posted January 01, 2000 05:42 PM         
after a couple of weeks of trouble free play
I went to open up the game today and got the title screen, got the description screen with all the options, etc but when I click again to go the first board the screen goes dark and then exits out of the program.
I haven't changed anything nor have I added any new programs to my computer.
Thanx in advance to anyone that can help me out. If not, how and who do I contact for tech support?

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posted January 01, 2000 08:11 PM            
A program running in the background may be interfering.

Try windowed mode with "F7", as soon as the intro screen starts.

If that helps then you must have added a small utility or some other program that is interfering with DX-Ball 2.

Also, Windows 98 just fakes shutting down when you turn off your computer. A reboot might help...choose "Shut Down" from the "Start" menu and select "Restart".


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posted January 01, 2000 08:54 PM         
thanx Jim.
prior to reading your reply I had tried a series of things. Finally I just did a full uninstall and re-install. Even had to delete the addt'l boards I d/led. One of which might have been corrupted; which possibly lead to the problem in the first place.