Author Topic:   GAME FREEZES
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posted December 14, 1999 11:16 AM            
I am continuing to have problems with my game completely freezing up and locking up my entire computer so bad I have to manually shutdown. I have tried shutting down my antivirus and the game still stops.
I really like the DxBall2 game and would appreciate any help.


posted December 14, 1999 03:42 PM            
There are a few areas to check:

1. Interference from other programs

Run it in windowed mode. [Hit "F7", as soon as the intro screen starts.]

If it runs OK in windowed mode you'll need to check and turn off virus scanners and any other utilities... e.g. auto disc-scanners etc.

2. video card drivers.

We recommend GLSetup which you can get from www.GLSetup.com

When you run it it will install the latest drivers for your video card.

Even though GLSetup may be referred to as a "Beta", the drivers it installs are very stable, and almost always better than the drivers provided on the installation CD-Rom with your graphics hardware. We use GLSetup on all our Windows 95/98 systems here, and strongly recommend you do the same.

3. Audio problems

Go into the config.cfg file in the DXBall2 folder.
It's a text file....so open it with "Note Pad".

First set the PlaybackBits = 8 to 16 ...If that doesn't work
try setting ForceWaveOut =0 to 1

4. 3rd party boards

We've had a few problems reported which have turned out to be caused by 3rd party boards. [Most have caused no problems.]

We recommend that you install a second copy of DX-Ball 2 in a separate directory or hard drive. Use one copy for official board-packs and use the other copy for any other boards. It will be easier to identify problems if they occur.


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posted January 08, 2000 12:16 PM            
I had the lockup problem on my old p-II after I loaded DX7... Luckily, my new machine has no problems