Author Topic:   DX ball Sound
posted November 29, 1999 06:25 PM           
I really love the Music on DX2 but cannot find the music files to play without running the game. Is there something I am missing? If it is not possible to extract the music for regular use then is there any way you could send me some of the music? Thank you for your time.


posted November 30, 1999 03:21 AM            
There is a folder called "InGameMusic" in the DX-Ball2 folder.

It was added with version 1.2

Verify the version by starting the game and checking the version number in the top right-hand corner of the first menu screen. [The screen with a spinning red ball in the bottom right-hand corner.]

If you have the older version you can add the patch from our site.

If you have version 1.2 running then you'll need to reinstall it.