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posted November 26, 1999 05:14 PM           
Is there a way to import .bmp files with a higher color depth than 8-bit into a brickset ... the DXimage ImageSet editor can't do it, but the original bricksets of the game, the bricks and backgrounds are in 24-bit color mode.


posted November 27, 1999 10:48 AM           
Hi Mazen,

I create the bricks in 24 bit color (in paintshop) and when I save them I decrease the color depth. That seems to work out pretty well.

Here are some of the bricks I've done: http://www.netgurl.com/dxgraphics.html


posted November 30, 1999 06:58 PM           
The individual graphics that make up the images in a IMG file have to be 8-bit.

Do as Stacey has mentioned and convert each brick to 256 colors or less then import into DXImage.

The original brick/background files from Longbow are also only 8-bit, however Longbow's statement about the game having 24 bit color is correct as multiple palletted bricks and backgrounds are combined onto a 24 bit window.

PS. Stacey - Thanks for making your awesome bricksets. I've looked at almost every player created board and brickset and most of them suck. It's good to see some real talent.

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