Author Topic:   Dxball 2 causes reboots!?
posted October 23, 1999 04:28 AM           
I have had random 'reboots' of my system (AMD athlon 500mhz(on 2 different machines)/with riva tnt 16mb vid card) when dx ball2 was installed.I have installed it on a 200 mhz sys......with no problems. also a friend uses it on an overclocked system...again with no problems. I first thought it was a software conflict happening between dx ball and some non OS software.......now with using on diff systems (including 2 diff amd 500 mhz systems) I have this uneasy feeling that somehow dxball 2 sends a command to my computer to reboot, anyone else have similar experiences? Any suggestios as to a work around?