DX-Ball 2 DX-Ball 2

Playing Tips

If you think you've aced the game and want to know how to score Really Big Points, here's how to do it. Always catch the Tiny Ball, Fast Ball, and Super Shrink or Shrink Paddle power-ups. With the fastest ball you can score 30 points or more per brick, plus 50% for tiny balls, plus another 50% for a small paddle, for as many as 60 points or more for each brick the ball destroys. You will only score 12 points for bricks that you shoot with Lasers or are blown up explosive bricks, so try to avoid those! You can also force Invincible bricks to zap (turn destroyable) by hitting them enough times in a row with the ball or by shooting them with enough Lasers.

Follow the trail to find the cheat.

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