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"Organic Warfare" in Hegemony

By rob,

We just found out about a fascinating pair of articles by game designer and blogger Josh Raab about how he finds Hegemony facilitates "organic warfare" better than anything else on the market. To use his words:

"... Hegemony creates an experience like none other. When I studied ancient history in college, I read about all these things: the impact of geography, the importance of logistics, the convenience of naval transport, the difficulty of siege. But I didn’t know exactly how they worked. Hegemony brings them to life in a way that makes it all click better than any other strategy game I’ve played."

Read the whole articles here: Part 1 and Part 2.

IndieFort Countdown Bundles!

By Rick,

Hegemony Gold is going to be available in the new IndieFort bundle starting next week!

Why are we telling you about it early? Well, this is an interesting bundle: it's currently $4 for four games, but if you buy the bundle this week, then when next week's bundle comes out, you get four new games for only $3, and if you buy that one, the next week you can get four games for $2. Buy all five and the last one is free!

In other words, next week you can get Hegemony and three other games for only $4, but if you act now, you can get Hegemony and nineteen other games for only $10! But remember, you don't get the cheaper price unless you've bought one of the earlier bundles.

And to top it all off, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Help Daniel charity.

Incidentally, the whole thing finishes up on my birthday, and seeing everybody support indie developers and a great charity would be a wonderful birthday present :)

Below is a full list of games in the bundles. I've included YouTube links to each game, and I've also created a YouTube Playlist if you'd like to see them all.

Week 1, November 23-29, Fueling Up Bundle:
* Genetrive 2 (YouTube)
* Space Pirates and Zombies (YouTube)
* Aeon Command (YouTube)
* Waveform (YouTube)

Week 2, November 30-December 6, Space Suit Bundle:
* Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece (YouTube)
* Caster (YouTube)
* Zombies (YouTube)
* Strategic War in Europe (YouTube)

Week 3, December 7-13, Oxygen Bundle
* Bridge It (YouTube)
* Alien Hallway (YouTube)
* Eryi's Action (YouTube)
* Terrorhedron (YouTube)

Week 4, December 14-20, Ignition Bundle
* Syder Action (YouTube)
* Orczz (YouTube)
* Alien Shooter 2: Conscription (YouTube)
* Achron (YouTube)

Week 5, December 21-27, Liftoff Bundle
* War of the Human Tanks (YouTube)
* Zafehouse: Diaries (YouTube)
* Zombie Shooter 2 (YouTube)
* Will Fight For Food (YouTube)

Hegemony Gold 1.5.7 Released

By Rick,

I've you've been waiting for the official build of Hegemony Gold 1.5.7, it's here! As always, the easiest way to upgrade is to simply download the demo and install it over your existing copy, but you can also download it from the Download Centre. If you purchased your game elsewhere, you can use the same process, or you can wait for your distributor of choice to update their copy.

If you've been following the betas, you'll know this is a relatively minor update, except for a fix to a bug which caused the seasons to stop turning if you've played the same campaign for a couple hundred hours. If you're one of our uber-fans, this update is for you!

Keep reading for the full release notes. Continued →

Hegemony Gold 1.5.7 beta 2

By Rick,

After the first 1.5.7 beta, there were some complaints that the AI was being too competitive with each other regarding sheep, so we've released a new beta with all the bug fixes in 1.5.7 beta 1, with a little tweak to the way AI treats sheep. Hopefully this will alleviate issues some players have been experiencing.

The new beta can be found here. All you need to do is install it over your existing copy, and you should get the latest updates. Let us know if you have any trouble.

Hegemony Gold 1.5.7 beta and a French fan translation

By Rick,

We're releasing a new patch for Hegemony Gold today that fixes a handful of rare bugs. The most important bug fix in this release fixes a problem on high-end computers where the seasons would no longer change when you've been playing one campaign for over 100 hours, but read the whole post for the full change log.

As always, we're releasing it as a beta first just to be safe, but our patch betas tend to be pretty safe to install. To get this version, just download it here and install it over your existing copy. If you have any feedback, leave it in this news thread, or email me or Rob directly.

In other news, Socros and FRGO from the website Jeux-Straté have been spending the last three and a half months translating Hegemony Gold into French. Hegemony has over 100 thousand words, so this is quite the undertaking. If you speak French and you would like to get their translation, head over to the Jeux-Stratégie forum post and follow the instructions.

Keep reading for the 1.5.7 beta 1 change log. Continued →

50% Off Hegemony Gold!

By rob,

Get Hegemony Gold half-price during Steam's annual summer sale! For just $9.99 it's a great way to practice your battlefield tactics while we finish up Rome!

Update: The Steam Summer sale is all over for another year and I'm sure everyone is now buried in bundles and franchise packs. If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on this deal consider signing up to our Facebook or Twitter feeds for all the latest news, deals and promotions as soon as they happen.

Cut-scene Paintings, Engage!

By Britt,

Hi Everyone! We've all been hard at work on Rome here at the office, so we thought we'd give a bit of an early glimpse at the game. Here's some paintings I've been working on for the cutscenes throughout the game! Read more to see a few more, and hear a bit about them. Continued →

Longbow in the Financial Post

By rob,

"Toronto’s Longbow studios avoiding iOS in favour of hardcore PC games" - check out a new article about us in the Financial Post. It talks a little about our history and what we're doing with Rome plus some commentary on how we seem to be bucking the trend set by other local indies:

"Longbow is unlike many of the new wave of game studios popping up in Toronto that focus on smaller apps for iOS and other mobile platforms, but instead puts its resources into making hardcore PC games for a specific niche audience."

Origins Game Fair #4

By rob,

Longbow is back at the Origins Game Fair for a record 4th time with our biggest booth yet (check out some of the setup pics). As usual, we've got great discounts on boxed copies of Hegemony Gold, tons of the ever-popular buttons and, for the first time at Origins, limited edition Hegemony Rome t-shirts. Unfortunately, Rome isn't quite ready for a playable preview yet, but we're more than happy to talk about it and if you drop by early, you can even grab your own super cool rub-on Rome tattoo.

Update: The show is over, but we have about a dozen shirts left over. If you're interested in purchasing one, details can be found here.

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