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Dev Blog: Fuel for War - Resources Part 1

By rob,

We've dropped a few hints so far at some of the resource changes in Rome, but today we're going to dig into some details. On the surface, we've got a new wood resource that you'll be harvesting and spending to build some of those engineering marvels Caesar was famous for. But, there's also a lot of subtler changes we've made to improve the strategy in the game and we're going to look at some of those as well. Continued →

Dev Blog: Concept Art - Designing the Enemy

By Britt,

This week we're going to change course a little bit and talk about the concept art of Hegemony Rome, the research and decisions involved, as well as show you how those concepts made it through to the final game. In particular, we're going to focus this time on how we differentiated the various cultural groups that Caesar encountered to help players quickly identify who and where they are fighting. Continued →

Rome Dev Blog: The Campaigns

By Rick,

There has been a lot of interest in exactly which parts of Roman history we're covering. Most games tend to focus on the Roman conquest of Italy, which is an obvious choice for games because you get to play as the familiar Romans, in the familiar boot of Italy, and there's a nice smattering of enemy factions around Rome. Other mediums – TV shows, books, plays – tend to focus on Caesar's civil war against Pompey and his eventual assassination. Obviously everybody knows Caesar, and the intrigue of this era is fascinating, but it doesn't work very well for a strategy campaign; the civil war was a bunch of one-off battles that happened all over the ancient world with very little building or expansion.

But one transformative period that is too often overlooked, is Caesar's ambitious campaign in Gaul. Continued →

Dev Blog: Feats of Engineering

By rob,

While last week's blog was really just a teaser, today we're going to start getting into the real stuff. With so much to cover, it was a struggle to pick a topic for the inaugural post. But when we looked over what best defined Caesar's Gallic campaigns, and what new feature would most change the way the game is played, there was no question we needed to start with engineering. Continued →

Steam summer sale

By Rick,

Got some free time this summer? Can't wait for Hegemony Rome to come out? Why not buy Hegemony Gold? It's 75% off on Steam!

The sale is on until July 22nd. Get 'em while they're hot!

Rome Dev Blogs & New Screenshot!

By rob,

Whew! It feels like it's been forever since the last time we've posted about Rome. We've been deep in development over the last year and, now that we're taking a little time to come up for air, we're eager to talk about what we've been doing and what you can expect in the final game.

So starting today, we're going to start posting new stuff on a regular basis (roughly weekly, give or take interruptions from development). Some posts, like this one, may be light on content, but we'll always try to at least get you a new screenshot.

Let me say that again more directly: there's a new screenshot at the bottom of this post! Continued →

Show Me The Sales! Hegemony Gold and 34 other indie games on sale this week!

By Rick,

Hegemony Gold is on sale all week at 50% off, and all you have to do is enter the coupon code 'SHOWME' during checkout.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! We're doing this sale along with 34 other indie games, all from 35% to 75% off! Check them all out at the Show Me The Sales 100% indie mega sale!

Update: I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with the other indies in this sale. Click here for the questions and answers!.

Hegemony Sneak Preview on EP Daily!

By rob,

About a month ago, a couple of nice guys from the Electric Playground team dropped by for a quick tour of the office and a sneak preview of Hegemony Rome. Part I of that visit aired on G4 TV Canada tonight and will probably air a few more times again tomorrow if you missed it. For those who don't get that channel, you can also watch the whole episode online at or skip straight to our segment here.

While I seemed to have inadvertently hogged the spotlight in this section, Jim, Rick, Philippe and Britt gave some great interviews as well, but unfortunately you'll have to wait to hear what they've got to say until Part II which should air sometime closer to release of the game.

Happy Holidays!

By Britt,

Well I'm about to head home for my Christmas vacation, but before I go, have a sketch of a card from everyone here at Longbow Games.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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