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No Place To Hide

By rob,

Seasons have always been important in Hegemony, and inspired by Caesar's challenges with the Belgic Morini and Menapii tribes, we've add a few new features that will affect how you strategize throughout the year. Continued →

Mini-Blog: Rebellion

By rob,

Building an empire is not just about battles and sieges, once you capture an enemy city you're going to need to hold onto it if you want to leverage its resources to fuel your warmachine. Over the centuries, Rome faced countless rebellions from Spartacus to Boudicca, and ambitious commanders employed a variety of tactics to deal with them. Continued →

Mini-Blog: Flanking

By rob,

We're deep in crunch right now which unfortunately hasn't left a lot of time for blogging. However, for those interested in how things work under the hood, I thought I'd make a quick post on some of the work we're doing updating the flanking mechanics for Rome. Continued →

Dev Blog: Landscape Design

By Britt,

We've been extremely busy over the last few weeks and unfortunately this has bit into our blog schedule a little. Rome will definitely be the biggest launch we've ever done and some things need to get finished fairly early so that everything can be prepared for launch day. But enough excuses and onto the blog ...

One of the aspects of the game that we really wanted to develop with Rome was the diversity of the scenery. Somewhat limited by nature and history, we had to figure out ways to diversify without having obvious go-to biomes like desert/rainforest/tundra. In Hegemony Gold the land itself was diverse enough to be able to tell where you were on the map at any given time, using signifiers like the coastline and islands. But in Gaul, much of the map is taken up by a nice big chunk of Western Europe. So how do you make parts of Europe look like different parts of Europe? Continued →

Dev Blog: Divisa In Partes Tres, Part 2

By Rick,

Last time I introduced the three main groups of people Caesar fought in the Gallic War: the Gauls, the Germani, and the Britons. This week I'll be diving into the most important one: the Gauls.

It's no surprise that the Gauls would play such a prominent role in the Gallic Wars, and indeed they make up the vast majority of the factions in Hegemony Rome. Of the twenty-six factions currently playable in the game, eighteen of them are Gallic. Continued →

Dev Blog: Divisa In Partes Tres, Part 1

By Rick,

“Gaul is a whole divided into three parts, one of which is inhabited by the Belgae, another by the Aquitani, and a third by a people called in their own tongue Celtae, in the Latin Galli.”

That's the first sentence Julius Caesar's famously wrote in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico. Of course, those groups were only a rough outline of the Gallic people, and the reality was decidedly much more nuanced. Each group was composed of dozens of loosely related tribes, often at war within their own groups, and – with the exception of the Belgae – rarely did these tribes unite in the way Caesar's overview would suggest.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week I'm going to begin talking about some of the factions in Hegemony Rome, and when we started laying out Rome's enemies we also decided to divide them into three parts, but not the same parts Caesar mentioned. Continued →

Dev Blog: An Army Marches on its Stomach - Resources Pt 2

By rob,

The last few weeks have been quite busy with GamesCom and the Kalypso announcement, but now that we've settled back into development we're going to pick up the blogs where we left off and talk more about resources. Last time it was wood: harvesting it with logging camps, moving it over supply lines, and using it to construct fortifications and upgrades. Today, we're going to get into the most important resource in Hegemony and talk about food. Continued →

GamesCom 2013

By rob,

We've done a lot of trade shows from PAX to NY Comic Con, but we've never really seen anything close to the scale of GamesCom. While photos can't really capture the overwhelming sights and sounds of the show, head over to Facebook for a small taste of what it's like in and around the convention.

For an idea of what we were doing at the show, HookedGamers just posted their impressions of the demo in a new Rome preview. Edit: Strategy Informer also posted a preview from our GamesCom demo.

And finally, a shoutout to our friends at Kalypso, it was great to finally meet you guys in person and thanks for hosting us and giving us some space to show off the game!

The news you've all been waiting for ...

By rob,

In last week's blog we mentioned that, while we wouldn't have a blog post this week, we might have some other news to post while we're over at GamesCom. And, as some might of guessed, you don't go to the world's largest game show unless you've got something big to say. So, without further ado ... drum roll please ...

Longbow Games is excited to announce Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar will be officially launching in Spring 2014 with the help of our new publishing partner Kalypso Media!

It's going to be a busy run up until release, and we've got a lot of exciting stuff to share, so stay tuned for more blogs, screenshots, videos and more!

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