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Early Access Update 1 is Live!

By rob,

Thanks to everyone who's joined the Early Access release of Hegemony Rome. We've really appreciated all of the support and feedback we've received over the past week and we're looking forward to working with you guys to make Rome the best game it can be.

To start the ball rolling, we're releasing today the first Early Access update. It's mostly a technical fix, but we've tried to include a few gameplay adjustments as well. Check out the release notes over on the Steam hub.

Hegemony Live on

By rob,

To launch the Early Access version of Hegemony Rome we're going to be doing two live walkthrough and Q&A sessions on this week. This is a great chance to see the game in action and to ask us about the game, development, early access, or anything else you can come up with. If you want to send in your questions in advance post here or tweet using the hashtag #Hegemony_Live.

The first broadcast will be Wednesday, Feb 12th @ 19:00 GMT and the second will be Thursday, Feb 13th @ 20:00 EST.

UPDATE: You can now watch a replay of the event over on YouTube.

Hegemony Rome is coming to Steam Early Access!

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will be coming to Steam Early Access on February 12!

The feedback and support from the community so far has been awesome and extremely helpful, and we're really looking forward to getting more players involved as we finish up the game. Check out the Coming Soon page on Steam and the new Community Hub!

Launch Info and a New Teaser!

By rob,

We're excited to announce that Hegemony Rome will officially launch this spring as the premier title of Kalypso's new Kasedo Games label. Check out the new teaser video!

For more info visit our Rome site, or hit the forums to join the discussion on the ongoing beta.

Happy New Year!

By rob,

Notifications for beta testers have been sent out, so check your inboxes! We apologize to everyone who wasn't selected, but unfortunately we could only include a small percentage of the applicants in the first round. However, once we get a better idea of how it's going, and we're sure we can keep up with the feedback, we do plan to expand the beta significantly. So stay tuned to the web, Facebook or Twitter for more news and, if you haven't applied yet, you can still get into later rounds so check out the original post for more info on applying.

And if you did apply, but did not get an e-mail from us, drop me another note in-case someone's spam filter picked it up and we'll get it sorted out.

One more week to beta!

By rob,

Thanks to everyone who sent in e-mails over the last week to volunteer for our beta test. The response so far has been awesome and we really appreciate the enthusiasm we've received from all over the world. We wish we had the time to respond to everyone individually, but there is still a ton to get done before the testing starts. Our plan is still to select the first round of testers by the end of this week to start testing sometime after the 6th. So if you've already sent me an e-mail, stay tuned to the website, Facebook or Twitter for more info.

And for everybody else, it's not too late to get into the first round of testers so check out the info here and drop me an e-mail.

Happy Holidays, it's Beta Time!

By rob,

Just in time for the holidays, we're excited to announce that we're looking for eager volunteers who'd like to help out play testing Hegemony Rome! Player feedback is really important to us and we're eager to spend the last few months polishing things up as much as possible. And frankly, this game is just way too big for the handful of us to try everything thoroughly. Continued →

New Screenshots and Announcement Next Week!

By rob,

For those of you who aren't on Kalypso's mailing list, they released a handful of new screenshots for Rome today that we wanted to pass around to the community. And we know a lot of people are really busy this time of year, but check back next week because we've got another announcement coming before the holidays that I know at least a few of you have been waiting for :) Continued →

DX-Ball 2 15 year anniversary!

By Rick,

Fifteen years ago, Longbow Games (known as "LDA Games" at the time) was little more than a hobby project for Seumas McNally. But all that changed when Seumas and his family released DX-Ball 2. He had a hit on his hands, and he was able to carve out a little independent game company at a time when indie games and digital distribution were almost unheard of. Seumas unfortunately passed away in March 2000, but his legacy lives on.

Over the last fifteen years, we've heard from a lot of stories from people who have had their lives changed by DX-Ball 2, be it a shared experience between children and parents, a soothing relief for people going through tough times, or an inspiration to go on and create their own projects.

Most recently, we've heard from a fan who goes by the name of Cresun. Cresun was particularly inspired by the music in DX-Ball 2, which was created by Eric Gieseke aka Sidewinder. Cresun has been digging through the music files for DX-Ball 2 and has remastered each track. In addition, he's also created a tribute site for the 15-year anniversary, and he plans to post one track every day, along with some other goodies. Be sure to head on over and show him some appreciation.

And a special thanks to everybody who has played DX-Ball 2 over the last 15 years!

A Legion of Your Own

By rob,

We were polishing up the new unit window and thought it might be interesting to share since it shows off a number of new features in the game. Continued →

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