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Requesting Feedback!

By Longbow,

We'd like some feedback! Got an opinion on the Tiger's Bane demo? Think you know why online ordering works or doesn't work? Have suggestions for what you think we should do in the future? Rant away!

Tiger's Bane Now Available From Sympatico

By Longbow,

The Tiger's Bane demo can now be downloaded from Sympatico in Canada as well. See the Tiger's Bane page for the link.

Tiger's Bane Demo

By Longbow,

Well, it was a bit more than a week, but the demo of the Windows version of Tiger's Bane is ready!

Tiger's Bane for Windows Released!

By Longbow,

Tiger's Bane for Windows is now out! You can go to the Purchasing page to buy it online from CNet's The demo version should be available on our web site in about a week.

Mailing List

By Longbow,

Our information mailing list should now be working properly. :) You can subscribe by entering your email address into the form on the main page. We won't flood you with email or add you to SPAM lists; you'll just get updated now and then when new products or upgrades to old products become available from Longbow Digital Arts.

New Web Host, Development Update on Tiger's Bane

By Longbow,

We've finished moving to a new web host now, with more space and bandwidth available. The site will be going through some changes in the next little while, including the addition of a mailing list for new announcements and a page for information on purchasing our products on-line.

On the development front, Tiger's Bane for Windows is almost done, and should be out of final Beta testing soon. We're also working on a new procedural texture generation application that should be released in some form before too long. More news to come!

Coming Soon: Tiger's Bane for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT!

By Longbow,

Coming soon, Tiger's Bane for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT! It will support full-screen display using DirectX, and windowed display. We are also planning to use electronic sales and distribution over the Internet. Watch this space for more news.

New Domain

By Longbow,

We've been at our new domain name for a few weeks now and all the bugs seem to be sorted out. We're working on a couple of games that should be out within a few months. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments!

Tiger's Bane Press Release

By Longbow,

A Press Release for Tiger's Bane is now available on the web site.

Tiger's Bane is Now Live on AmniNet!

By Longbow,

Tiger's Bane is now Live on the AmiNet! Check out the this page to get the low down on this great new Shareware helicopter action/simulation for Amiga computers!

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