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Particle Fire Awarded Warrior Worthy!

By Longbow,

Particle Fire has just been given the "Warrior Worthy" award of 8 Swords from Shareware Viking!

Announcing DX-Ball 2!

By Longbow,

It's almost here! DX-Ball 2, the sequel to the ever popular Windows breakout-style game by Michael P. Welch should be available in just a couple of days! Watch this space!

Perticle Fire Released

By Longbow,

We've been hard at work for the last while on a number of exciting new projects, and the first to be released is Particle Fire, the Screen Saver incarnation of Particle Toy. Download the Shareware and let us know what you think! (We apologize for any loss of productivity this might cause. :)

Stay tuned, we've got some more goodies in store...

WebProcessor Version 1.3a

By Longbow,

WebProcessor has been updated to 1.3a, now letting you pick an output file extension from the GUI interface.

More Texturizer Samples

By Longbow,

We put up another two texture samples created with Texturizer.

Particle Toy Version 1.1

By Longbow,

Updated ParticleToy to version 1.1, fixing a problem with some of the controls being cut off on systems set to Small Fonts.

WebCompiler Now WebProcessor

By Longbow,

For a double announcement, we've changed the name of WebCompiler to WebProcessor (it turns out there was already a product named WebCompiler 98), and we've also upgraded it to version 1.3. Be sure to read the revised documentation to find out about the new features.

New Sample Textures

By Longbow,

We've just put up two new sample textures on the Texturizer page. Go take a look.

Site Redesign

By Longbow,

Our web site has just been given a complete redesign! Tell us what you think of the new navigational layout. And while you're at it, you might like to take a look at a couple of the applications we used to create this page, WebCompiler and Texturizer.

Particle Toy Released

By Longbow,

Uploaded Particle Toy, a safe (and fun) way to play with fire on your desktop. Read about it here, or download it now (just 42k).

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