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New Screen Shots

By Longbow,

There are 5 new screen shots of our upcoming tank game over on the Top Secret page, showing off the new Detail Texturing.

DX-Ball 2 World League

By Longbow,

Check out this highscores page by Arno Sledsens, the DX-Ball 2 World League!

Alternate Downloads for DX-Ball 2

By Longbow,

I've added some alternate download links on the DX-Ball 2 page, as our server was starting to get a little swamped. Please try the others before you try downloading from here. Thanks, and enjoy!

DX-Ball 2 Review

By Longbow,

DX-Ball 2 just received a rather glowing review from Chris Pirillo at Lockergnome. :) We're working on new boards and a minor bug fix or two that should be out by the end of January, so be sure to check back.

Programming Page

By Longbow,

I've been planning to do this for a while, but I finally got around to putting up a Programming Page with some tips and tricks for general Graphics, Windows, and Game programming. Parts are still under construction, but there's a fair bit there already. If you're a programmer, have a look! -- Seumas

Particle Fire Awarded Warrior Worthy!

By Longbow,

Particle Fire has just been given the "Warrior Worthy" award of 8 Swords from Shareware Viking!

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