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Work Continues, More Programming Links

By Longbow,

Slow news week, but still working on the new DX-Ball 2, among other things. We just added a few links to other game programming pages on our Programming Page. If you know of any other favorite resources or tutorials, drop us a line!

New Version of Particle Fire

By Longbow,

The new version of Particle Fire is here! It's much more configurable now, and you can set it to generate a much wider range of patterns and effects.

3DFX Multi-Layered Alpha Blending Article

By Longbow,

After a somewhat surprising 3D hardware test, I've decided to put up an article (with screen shots) comparing 3DFX's multi-layered Alpha Blending to some of the other consumer 3D cards available.

Mailing List Redux

By Longbow,

Due to popular demand (keep those comments coming!) we've been able to bring back a product info and updates mailing list, which will have info on new products as well as updates and bugfixes for old products. If you'd like to join, simply type your email address into the box on the bottom left of any of the pages here, and you should receive a confirmation email shortly. (Your email address will NOT be given or sold to anyone.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

By Longbow,

Happy Valentine's Day! The new Particle Fire is coming along great, and should be ready in a few days. It's going to have some nice new features and effects. Remember to bookmark this page! We're also working on getting a mailing list for news updates running again.

New Programming Article

By Longbow,

So you want to know how the smooth looking terrain in Tread Marks is created? Check out the Binary Triangle Tree article just posted on the Programming Page for (most of) the details.

More Links and New Email Addresses

By Longbow,

Added links to the Shareware Viking and HotGames reviews of DX-Ball 2. Thanks guys! Also updated the email addresses on the About Us page.

New Versions of Particle Fire and DX-Ball 2, Coming Soon

By Longbow,

We've been kicking back with some games for the last week (Half-Life really is the best action game of the year), but now we're getting back to work on the long awaited new versions of Particle Fire (new effects, more config options) and DX-Ball 2 (bugs fixed, in-game music, probably multi-player). They both should definitely be ready this month. Stay tuned!

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