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Going to the GDC!

By Longbow,

We're going to Disney World! Er, oh, that's not right, but we are going to the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, California! As such you might not receive a response to tech support emails or WWWBoard posts until March 22nd or so. We're very sorry about the interruption to service, but it's all in the name of bringing you better games. So PLEASE don't get mad if we don't get back to you right away. Thanks. :)

Oh, and if you're going to be at the GDC, say hi! We'll hopefully be in "LDA" t-shirts most of the time, likely wearing "id" baseball caps.

DX-Ball 2 Fan Site

By Longbow,

Have a look at this new DX-Ball 2 fan site!

New Tread Marks Preview at Voodoo Exterme

By Longbow,

For anyone interested in more details on Tread Marks, check out this really cool Preview put together by the cool folks at Voodoo Extreme. Very nice!

Half A Million Page Views

By Longbow,

Wow, half a million page views came and went pretty quickly. :) Thanks, everyone!

DX-Ball 2 Delay

By Longbow,

You may have noticed that we don't have the new DX-Ball 2 and level editor out yet... The development schedule was knocked a little off kilter by our programmer coming down with Attenuated Chicken Pox from a vaccination. With the Game Developer's Conference coming up soon, it may not be done until the end of March, but we'll see. Sorry about the delay.

Warning About Fake Seller

By Longbow,

(changed slightly) We've had an unconfirmed report from a user that there may be a web site pretending to be us, and pretending to sell our products over an 800 number (which we do not do). As we haven't been able to confirm anything it's no cause for alarm, but if anyone runs into anything suspicious, please let us know.

New Message Board

By Longbow,

After finally remembering to get around to it, I've added a WWWBoard based message board to the web site, so now DX-Ball 2 players, Particle Fire users, and Tread Marks watchers have a place to talk to each other. Have fun! :)

New Technical Support Page

By Longbow,

We just added a new Technical Support web page to our site, with mini-FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on DX-Ball 2 and Particle Fire.

Like the DX-Ball 2 Music?

By Longbow,

If you like the music in DX-Ball 2, be sure to check out SideWinder's latest album, 2 Bad Sheep. Cool tunes!

BuyDirect Server Trouble

By Longbow,

Whoops. It appears that BuyDirect's servers have had some connection and order processing difficulties this weekend, making it difficult or impossible for people to order our products on-line. If you've had trouble, please try again on Monday or Tuesday, and hopefully things will be back to normal. We're really sorry about the trouble! Update: Things seem to be back to normal now.

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