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New Interview on Voodoo Extreme

By Longbow,

There's a brand new Interview up on Voodoo Extreme covering Tread Marks and a few other things. Go have a look!

New Menu Buttons

By Longbow,

Okay, the menu bar is now graphical! :) It didn't take very long to create the buttons using Texturizer. Let me know what you think of them.

Programming Article Updates

By Longbow,

I've written a new Programming article, Visualizing Vector Addition, which covers how to visually think about vector addition and subtraction. I've also made a MAJOR update to my Matrix Math article, clarifying a few points and adding a number of new sections (with sample code) dealing with more advanced aspects of 3D matrix math.

Counter's Fixed, Work on DX-Ball 2 and Tread Marks Continues

By Longbow,

Forgot to mention, looks like our counter's back. :) One million hits here we come! General update on progress: Things are still moving along, with the multi-player mode for DX-Ball 2 almost complete, in addition to the new performance enhancements. Tread Marks is progressing too, with new tanks, gameplay design tweaks, real transparent water, and ultra-cool reflection mapping.

Counter Difficulties

By Longbow,

Whoops. It looks like our counter is having difficulties, and it was almost at three quarters of a million. hopefully we can get it fixed soon. (Don't want to miss that million mark!)

New True-Color Software Blending Article

By Longbow,

Wow, no news for a while. Sorry about that! We brought home colds from the GDC and didn't get much done for the first week back. However, we're back in the swing of things now (woo!), with the new version of DX-Ball 2 (finally) on track for release soon. The True-Color Software Blending article on my Programming Page has been given an update with a new Alpha-Blending algorithm that is nearly twice as fast as the old one. (And yes, the new DX-Ball 2 is performing much better because of it!) Check it out if you're a coder!

Lost Email

By Longbow,

One of our email accounts appears to have eaten a large number of messages while we were away. If anyone sent mail to between March 14th and March 18th (Sunday and Thursday of last week), please send it again. Thanks.

Five Star Rating for DX-Ball 2 From ZDNet

By Longbow,

I didn't realize it until now, but it looks like ZDNet gave DX-Ball 2 a FIVE STAR rating! Follow the link on the DX-Ball 2 page to check it out.

Back From the GDC

By Longbow,

Phew... We made it. Back from the GDC. Lots of stuff learned, new friends made, and memories of the Golden Gate Bridge intact. Quite a trip. If you're in the business of making games, you should check it out. We're still in the process of catching up to tech support and snail mail orders, so please bear with us.

Going to the GDC!

By Longbow,

We're going to Disney World! Er, oh, that's not right, but we are going to the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose, California! As such you might not receive a response to tech support emails or WWWBoard posts until March 22nd or so. We're very sorry about the interruption to service, but it's all in the name of bringing you better games. So PLEASE don't get mad if we don't get back to you right away. Thanks. :)

Oh, and if you're going to be at the GDC, say hi! We'll hopefully be in "LDA" t-shirts most of the time, likely wearing "id" baseball caps.

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