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One Million Hits!

By Longbow,

One Million Hits! Wow! Thanks to everyone out there for your support! :) Things have really come a long way in half a year.

Tread Marks Update: The first draft of Network support is now in, and we had our first mini-deathmatch and multi-player race a couple of nights ago. Full weapon power-ups are just about ready to go in, with weapon models and textures coming along. And we should have some new screen shots up on the Tread Marks Page real soon now.

DX-Ball 2 Version 1.2

By Longbow,

It's here! The new version 1.2 of DX-Ball 2 is on-line. Go to the DX-Ball 2 page to download it. If you already have the original DX-Ball 2, there is only a small patch installer you need to download. Also be sure to grab the Music Pack for more in game music. The new version adds a number of requested features, a few bug fixes, and some other enhancements. The Level Editor will be out soon.

More Screen Shots and an Interview at GA-Source

By Longbow,

GA-Source now has an Interview with Screen Shots up on their site. Thanks guys!

Even More Tread Marks Screen Shots at Sharky Extreme

By Longbow,

Wow, it's a veritable flood of Tread Marks goodness. (We didn't plan it this way, but that's timing for you!) Sharky Extreme has just posted 6 new really cool Tread Marks shots to go along with the great Preview they recently did. You've gotta see these! (And all the rest, too, of course!) :)

More Tread Marks Screen Shots at

By Longbow,

And now has 5 exclusive new Tread Marks screen shots up. The Tread Marks news has been really flowing lately. :) We'll get some new screen shots up on our own Tread Marks page here before too long.

More Tread Marks Screen Shots at GA-Source

By Longbow,

Now GA-Source has 6 more new screen shots of Tread Marks on line.

New Tread Marks Screen Shot and Preview

By Longbow,

GA-Source has a Development Update and new Screen Shot from Tread Marks up, and those bad dudes at Sharky Extreme have a really great Preview of Tread Marks, though they haven't yet posted the really cool screen shots we sent them showing off our new Liquid Class tanks. :)

Moving Along

By Longbow,

Wow, no news for a while. Things are still moving along, and the new DX-Ball 2 is really, truly almost out. Most of the new features and bug fixes are in, and it's just going through final testing. Also, if you like fast-action Asteroids style games, check out Spheres of Chaos.

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