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DX-Ball 2 Version 1.2

By Longbow,

It's here! The new version 1.2 of DX-Ball 2 is on-line. Go to the DX-Ball 2 page to download it. If you already have the original DX-Ball 2, there is only a small patch installer you need to download. Also be sure to grab the Music Pack for more in game music. The new version adds a number of requested features, a few bug fixes, and some other enhancements. The Level Editor will be out soon.

More Screen Shots and an Interview at GA-Source

By Longbow,

GA-Source now has an Interview with Screen Shots up on their site. Thanks guys!

Even More Tread Marks Screen Shots at Sharky Extreme

By Longbow,

Wow, it's a veritable flood of Tread Marks goodness. (We didn't plan it this way, but that's timing for you!) Sharky Extreme has just posted 6 new really cool Tread Marks shots to go along with the great Preview they recently did. You've gotta see these! (And all the rest, too, of course!) :)

More Tread Marks Screen Shots at

By Longbow,

And now has 5 exclusive new Tread Marks screen shots up. The Tread Marks news has been really flowing lately. :) We'll get some new screen shots up on our own Tread Marks page here before too long.

More Tread Marks Screen Shots at GA-Source

By Longbow,

Now GA-Source has 6 more new screen shots of Tread Marks on line.

New Tread Marks Screen Shot and Preview

By Longbow,

GA-Source has a Development Update and new Screen Shot from Tread Marks up, and those bad dudes at Sharky Extreme have a really great Preview of Tread Marks, though they haven't yet posted the really cool screen shots we sent them showing off our new Liquid Class tanks. :)

Moving Along

By Longbow,

Wow, no news for a while. Things are still moving along, and the new DX-Ball 2 is really, truly almost out. Most of the new features and bug fixes are in, and it's just going through final testing. Also, if you like fast-action Asteroids style games, check out Spheres of Chaos.

New Buttons, Again

By Longbow,

The buttons have been updated again, this time with a much more subdued and easy to read look. The previous try was a little bit flashy. :)

New Interview on Voodoo Extreme

By Longbow,

There's a brand new Interview up on Voodoo Extreme covering Tread Marks and a few other things. Go have a look!

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