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Tread Marks Test Version 1 Released

By Longbow,

Tread Marks Test version 1 is released! If you're the adventurous type, check it out on the Tread Marks page.

New DX-Ball 2 Review

By Longbow,

Check out this great review of DX-Ball 2 by Games Domain! Thanks guys!

More DX-Ball 2 Boards!

By Longbow,

More Boards are here! The long-awaited Board Pack #2 for DX-Ball 2, and the eagerly-anticipated Classic Pack for DX-Ball 2 are here! The Classic Pack has all the levels you loved from the original DX-Ball, plus 100 new levels by Michael and Sarah Welch in the same classic style. Check them out on the DX-Ball 2 Page!

Tech Support Delay

By Longbow,

Due to real-world concerns, you may not receive a reply to Tech Support e-mails until after the weekend. We apologize for the delay!

Tread Marks Weapons Revealed!

By Longbow,

Weapons revealed! Check out the Tread Marks page for screen shots of some of the missile weapons we're adding to the game right now. They're even cooler to actually use. (And watch for a small public Beta Test version of the game to hopefully be available soon!)

3D Battlefield Sound Added to Tread Marks

By Longbow,

As of right now, after only a single day's work, Tread Marks supports Aureal's A3D 2.0 API for fully 3D battlefield sounds. :)

High Resolution Tread Marks Screen Shots, and Trees!

By Longbow,

Go check out the Tread Marks page for a couple of new, high-quality 1024x768x32bit screen shots showing the latest build of the game, including the new and improved trees.

One Million Hits!

By Longbow,

One Million Hits! Wow! Thanks to everyone out there for your support! :) Things have really come a long way in half a year.

Tread Marks Update: The first draft of Network support is now in, and we had our first mini-deathmatch and multi-player race a couple of nights ago. Full weapon power-ups are just about ready to go in, with weapon models and textures coming along. And we should have some new screen shots up on the Tread Marks Page real soon now.

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