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Second Tread Marks Test Released

By Longbow,

The Second Test of Tread Marks is out! :)

More Tread Marks Screen Shots

By Longbow,

Check out for a couple of new screen shots!

Tread Marks Music Sample

By Longbow,

We've just released a sample of the Tread Marks music in MP3 format over at the Tread Marks web site for your listening pleasure.

Tread Marks Screen Shots

By Longbow,

Two new Screen Shots are up at Announced

By Longbow, is now LIVE as its own web site dedicated to our up coming tank racing and combat game! :) Go have a look and let us know what you think! High Score Contest for DX-Ball 2

By Longbow,

"" is having a High Score Contest for DX-Ball 2. Get the best score on the version of DX-Ball 2 by September 12th, and you'll win a Nintendo 64!

Fixed the Art Forum Link

By Longbow,

Whoops! The 2D and 3D art link below was going to the Particle Fire forum... It should be fixed now, and here's the correct link.

More News Posts on the Forums

By Longbow,

Since it's much easier to post a message than to edit and upload HTML (as well as being much more interactive, with the ability for YOU to throw in your own two-cents as well), we've started posting a lot more info and updates to our Message Board Forums lately. Click the MsgBoard button on the left to stop by and say hi!

New Art Discussion Forum

By Longbow,

Have a look at our new 2D and 3D Art Discussion Forum, which is moderated by Philippe. He'll be posting cool images, digital art creation tips and techniques, and other stuff. Drop by if you're the artistic type, or if you just want to see what Philippe creates when he's not working on Tread Marks (and a bit of what he makes for Tread Marks, too).

New Particle Fire Discussion Forum

By Longbow,

We've just added a Particle Fire Discussion Forum to our Message Boards. Go there if you want to suggest new features, or share your favorite Settings (and read about other people's favorites).

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