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Seumas Interview on EP

By Longbow,

Seumas was interviewed on camera by Victor Lucas for the television show, Electric Playground. The interview followed Tread Marks' success at the Independent Games Festival awards ceremony which was part of the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, in March. As it turned out, it was the last video made of Seumas. The episode aired today, two months following Seumas' death.

Thank you Victor and all the cast and crew at Electric Playground!

Announcing DX-Ball 2 Board-Pack #3

By Longbow,

We'd like to announce the release of DX-Ball 2 Board-Pack #3. Although it has been ready for release for some time, given the events surrounding Seumas' death, we've held it back until now. We are also introducing a 20% discount when you purchase 3 or more products. Discounts appear when you enter the shopping cart area of our store.

Thank You

By Longbow,

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who sent flowers, gifts and donations to the Seumas McNally Memorial Trust Fund. Your warmth and compassion are greatly appreciated.

IGF Honoring Seumas

By Longbow,

"The CMP Game Media Group announced today that it is renaming the Independent Game Festival's (IGF) Grand Prize in honor of Seumas. The award will henceforth be called the Seumas McNally Grand Prize." Yahoo News Site. We thank them for honoring Seumas in this way.

It is with great sadness...

By Longbow,

It is with great sadness that we announce that Seumas McNally, President and Lead Programmer of Longbow Digital Arts, died on March 21st at 2 PM eastern, following a three-year battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Please check out the Main Tribute Site for additional information and links. Tread Marks had just won three awards at the Independent Games Festival in San Jose for "Best Programming", "Best Design" and "Best Game".

Off to the GDC

By Longbow,

Most of us are off to the Game Developers Conference for a week, so we might be slow to respond to e-mail or support requests for a while. Please have patience!

New Tread Marks Reviews and Videos

By Longbow,

Be sure to drop by the Tread Marks site for a couple of great reviews of the Full version, and some really neat movies of the game in action recorded by Now-Playing Games.

Tread Marks is Shipping

By Longbow,

Tread Marks is shipping! :) Check out the Tread Marks Web Site for more details.

Purchasing Page Improvements

By Longbow,

Our Purchasing page has finally been updated to have clearer wording, and also to include Tread Marks now that it is on the brink of shipping. Be sure to check out the Tread Marks Web Site for some new Screen Shots and updated info!

Tread Marks Shareware Demo Released

By Longbow,

The Tread Marks Shareware Demo is finished! :) You can download it now from the Tread Marks Download Page!

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