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Capture the Flag for Tread Marks

By Longbow,

The "Capture the Flag" patch for the new version 1.5 release of Tread Marks is now available for download from the download page on our Tread Marks site. There are six new Capture the Flag maps, plus single player "team" deathmatch and "team" racing to add extra challenges. The patch also includes an extension of the free-look camera view to a full 360degrees and a few minor bug and server-side fixes.

Tread Marks Tournament

By Longbow,

A Tread Marks tournament was held as part of the recent CPL event in Dallas. OverDrivePC, makers of gamer specific PC systems sponsored the event.

Tread Marks Update Quandaries

By Longbow,

We've been trying to decide how best to handle upgrades from the original release of Tread Marks 1.0 to the new release of Tread Marks 1.5 given that the number of changes would make a patch impossible.

Tread Marks and DX-Ball 2 on Store Shelves

By Longbow,

Tread Marks 1.5 and DX-Ball 2 should be in North American retail stores today. If you can't find a copy, ask them to order it in.

Improvements to Tread Marks

By Longbow,

With the new Tread Marks version 1.5 arriving on retail shelves by Thanksgiving, I've posted 10 new screen shots on the Tread Marks "Screen Shots" page. The most obvious change visible in the shots is the new HUD. In game additions include a "Field Manual", plus "Driver Training", "Weapons Training" and "Missile Training" maps. The ai has been improved, and we've added a new camera and controls as well as making minor adjustments to the physics and weapons.

Tread Marks to be Published by

By Longbow,

We are pleased to announce that Tread Marks will be published by

Particle Fire 2 Version 1.2a Released

By Longbow,

We are releasing a new version of Particle Fire 2 today. Version 1.2a fixes most of the problems that were limiting the systems that could run Particle Fire 2. Slower systems will still have limited performance in full color mode.

CrateMaster 3000 Delayed

By Longbow,

Unfortunately, we've run into some unforeseen problems with the CrateMaster 3000 code. Rather than release the current version and follow it up with patches, we've decided to rework the code before release. We hope to have it ready by early September. We also expect to clear up some of the problems that have been reported with Particle Fire 2. Expect a new version within a week.

Announcing DX-Ball 2 Memorial Pack and Partical Fire 2

By Longbow,

We'd like to announce the release of DX-Ball 2 Memorial Pack. It includes 176 new boards, one set of 100 boards, two sets of 25 boards each, plus a complimentary alphabet set of 26 boards. We are also releasing Particle Fire 2. The new Particle Fire is based on the final work done by Seumas, and includes full color and customizable text. Because Particle Fire 2 has its own unique pattern generation, we decided to make it a separate, stand-alone product. Particle Fire 2 requires MMX to run in full color and thus won't run well on older, slower systems. We suggest that you download it from the Particle Fire page and try it out before deciding whether to buy it.

Seumas Interview on EP

By Longbow,

Seumas was interviewed on camera by Victor Lucas for the television show, Electric Playground. The interview followed Tread Marks' success at the Independent Games Festival awards ceremony which was part of the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, in March. As it turned out, it was the last video made of Seumas. The episode aired today, two months following Seumas' death.

Thank you Victor and all the cast and crew at Electric Playground!

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