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Announcing Rival Ball for the Mac

By Longbow,

Rival Ball for the Mac is now available. Download and try out the demo from our Rival Ball Mac page!

Mac system requirements: OS 8.6 or greater with CarbonLib 1.4 or greater. 32 megs of available RAM under OS 8 & 9.

Seumas McNally Award

By Longbow,

The Independent Games Festival, is held each year at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California. The "Seumas McNally Award for Independent Game of the Year" is named to honor the memory of Seumas McNally, founder and lead programmer of Longbow Digital Arts. Seumas lost his battle with cancer on March 21st, 2000.

It was our pleasure to contribute an additional $5000.00 toward the "Seumas McNally Award", made possible in part by contributions to the Seumas McNally Memorial Fund. We believe that supporting an Independent Game's movement is the best way to encourage innovative developments in the game industry.

This year's winner of the "Seumas McNally Award for Independent Game of the Year" is an interesting puzzle/adventure game called "Bad Milk". You can download and try out a demo or purchase the full version from their web-site at:

New Version of Candy Cruncher

By Longbow,

We've just released a new version of "Candy Cruncher".

Announcing Candy Cruncher

By Longbow,

We are pleased to release "Candy Cruncher", a new fast action puzzle game, developed by our friends Brian Hook and Rosie Cosgrove at Pyrogon. Download the demo and give it a try!

Announcing LDA's Electronic Children's Books

By Longbow,

We are preparing to release a set of electronic children's books. Check out the preview images at our Children's Books Page.

Rival Ball Review at Gamers Uplink Network

By Longbow,

I've just been informed that Gamers Uplink Network have posted a Rival Ball review. Wow! A perfect "10" for gameplay.

Stars and Stripes Available for Tread Marks

By Longbow,

To honor our American friends, the Stars and Stripes is now available on the download page of our Tread Marks site. Add the files to Tread Marks and fly the American flag on your tanks. The flag looks great in the game.

Lest We Forget...

By Longbow,

I'm late posting a comment, as we were out of town last week when this horrific attack occurred at the World Trade Center in New York. Words are not enough to express our shock and our sadness. We extend our most heartfelt sympathies to all those families who have lost loved ones.

We happened upon an older movie that included with its intro a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline at night. The monolithic stature and majesty of the Trade Center towers sent a chill through us that cemented the horror of the loss, yet also helped reinforce the enormity of strength and purpose that the towers symbolize.

Rival Ball 1.2

By Longbow,

There is a new upgrade patch for Rival Ball bringing it up to version 1.2. The patch fixes some of the networking problems. You can download the patch from our Rival Ball page.

Rival Ball Now Supporting DX-Ball 2 Boards

By Longbow,

We've just added a small 140kb patch for Rival Ball. This patch allows DX-Ball 2 boards to be played on the full version of Rival Ball. Features such as timers, randomized board order and repeat board sets will now be usable with DX-Ball 2 board sets that are copied into the Rival Ball boards folder. You can download the patch from our Rival Ball page.

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