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Announcing Stone Cutter

By Longbow,

We have released the PC version of Stone Cutter, a meditative puzzle game. Match four or more triangular stone pieces of the same color to destroy them and score points. Relax with the puzzle mode or add time pressure with the action mode. The freeware version takes the ten levels from the Java version and adds the extra play modes and special effects made available for the PC version.

Download and try out the freeware version here. If you like the freeware version then you'll love the full registered version with 100 levels, save game checkpoints and network scoring.
System Requirements: Pentium II 233, 32-64 megs RAM, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

Triangle Trifle Now Supporting Online High Scores

By Longbow,

The latest version of Triangle Trifle supports our Online High Scores page. Triangle Trifle players will now have the option to post their high scores and compare their scores to those posted by other players. Download and try it out or update here.

Tread Marks Referenced in Text Book

By Longbow,

A recently published book, "Level of Detail for 3D Graphics" by: David Luebke, Martin Reddy, Jonathan D. Cohen, Amitabh Varshney, Benjamin Watson & Robert Huebner and published by "Morgan Kaufmann" has references on pages 190-192 to the Tread Marks terrain engine and Seumas' work on Binary Triangle Trees.

New Online High Scores Feature

By Longbow,

We've added an Online High Scores page. Players will be able to post their high scores with a simple button click and compare their scores to those posted by other players. Vortiball is the first game to have this feature enabled. Download and try it out here. We'll be retrofitting the new system into our other arcade games too.

LDA Games Chosen as Participant for "Ontario Showcase"

By Longbow,

We were honored to be chosen as a participant company for Ontario Exports Inc.'s "Ontario Showcase" program. The main event for us was having a display set up as part of the Emma Awards Industry Reception that took place on Friday, October 18th at the Courtyard Marriott here in Toronto. We enjoyed ourselves and met many interesting people.

Announcing Vortiball

By Longbow,

I'm a little late announcing the release of Vortiball, our latest fast action arcade style game. The object of the game is to pickup coins to open the exit while avoiding Ghost Balls and Traps. Download and try it out here.

Announcing Rob McConnell as Our Lead Programmer

By Longbow,

We are pleased to formally announce that Rob McConnell, who joined LDA in May, is now our new lead programmer.

Triangle Trifle Update

By Longbow,

We've updated Triangle Trifle with additional features. These include levels of difficulty, special effects and a new timer that gives 15 free games in demo mode. Get the download from our Triangle Trifle Page and try out the improvements. If you have previously registered your copy, then this will simply add the new features. If you have an unregistered version, then this will reset the timer and let you start over with a new evaluation.

Announcing Triangle Trifle

By Longbow,

We've just released Triangle Trifle, a fast action arcade style puzzle game. The object of the game is to connect four or more triangles of the same color, side to side, to eliminate those triangles and to score points. Download and try out the demo version from our Triangle Trifle Page.

Announcing Norupa's Lizard

By Longbow,

We are pleased to release the first of our series of electronic children's books by Longbow Digital Arts. They are delightful hand-drawn adventure stories intended to inspire young people to question and explore their own inner creative strength and motivation. Each fictional tale of childhood struggle and resolution is read aloud, accompanied by playful sound effects. Laughter and discussion can be any parent or teacher's reward, as these philosophical gems may reveal. You can download the PC or Mac demo for "Norupa's Lizard" from our Children's Books Page.

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