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IP Address for LDA Rival Ball Game Room

By Longbow,

The IP address for the LDA Rival Ball Game Room has been changed to To connect to the new Game Room re-download and install the demo over your current version. For more information click here to visit the Rival Ball Forums.

Rival Ball Tournament Nearly Complete

By Longbow,

Rival Ball Tournament is nearly ready. We've posted a link to an AVI on the Rival Ball Tournament page. Check out the miniguns!

Rival Ball 1.5 Upgrade

By Longbow,

Rival Ball 1.5 is now ready as a freeware upgrade. It will overwrite and update earlier versions of Rival Ball. The biggest changes are to the game room. With Rival Ball 1.5 you can create your own game room for use behind a LAN or if you like, run your own Rival Ball game room on the Internet. Check the in-game help for details.

Announcing Our New Toll Free Telephone Number

By Longbow,

We now have a toll free telephone number for tech support. It can be found on our "Contact Us" page and will work for calls from the USA and Canada. Although we'll try to answer whenever we're in the office, the best time to call is 12-5 weekdays, Eastern Time.

Solution to Rival Ball Freezing

By Longbow,

We've had a number of complaints that Rival Ball won't start or is freezing up. A small utility that blocks popup ads has been identified as a culprit. Please be careful when adding small "helper" utilities to your computer. Turn them off or delete them if your computer starts acting up.

Old Registration Code May Not Work With Game Launcher

By Longbow,

Registration codes for purchases made prior to September, 2003, may not work with the new LDA Game Launcher. If you need to retrieve older purchases, email us at To help us trace your old orders, please include the name, address and email address as they would have appeared on your orders.

Announcing LDA Game Launcher

By Longbow,

The new LDA Game Launcher is now available on our downloads page. The Game Launcher is a free utility. It's designed to help you download, install and play games from LDA and to stay up to date on all the latest LDA news.

Reworking the LDA Games Arcade Package

By Longbow,

We've been busy reworking our website as part of the LDA Games Arcade package. The new pages are up and a Games Organizer will soon be released.

Announcing Rival Ball 1.4

By Longbow,

Rival Ball 1.4 is now ready as a freeware upgrade. Click here to download and try it or upgrade your current version. Rival Ball 1.4 will install into the LDAgames folder and should read any DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball boards installed on your system. If it doesn't, then just copy the contents of the DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball Series 1 and Series 2 boards folders into the LDA Games\Rival Ball\Boards folder.
New Features:

* Boards are now sorted by board-pack
* Players can now post scores to our High-Scores page.
* Rival Ball 1.4 auto-saves when you quit and has a resume option when the game is restarted.
* At easy and medium settings, power-up changes remain in effect until the board is cleared (like they did in DX-Ball 2).

The biggest change is the addition of the lobby server, which should make it easier to find opponents. The lobby runs out of our LDA office in Toronto. After some testing, and feedback, we'll enable the creation of other lobby servers, which will help address any regional lag issues. When we add that feature, although anyone will be able to create a lobby server, they will work best if run off at least a DSL connection.

Seumas McNally Birthday Bash

By Longbow,

I took this screen shot of a group of tanks hanging around while waiting to kick off the 2nd annual "Seumas McNally Birthday Bash" hosted by Paranor. We had a good time and thank all those involved!

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