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Hegemony III Coming August 25th!

By rob,

It's almost here! Hegemony III is coming to Steam August 25th for just $29.99 US plus a 10% launch discount! Players who own Hegemony Gold or Hegemony Rome also qualify for an extra 20% off loyalty discount for the first two months: that's just $21 at launch!

For all the latest news, check out the ongoing beta and join in the conversation on Steam. For those still waiting on codes, we just sent out a new batch on the weekend, but there's still lot's left to do in the next few weeks and we hope to send out at least one more round before launch.

Hegemony III Beta!

By rob,

It's that time again! Just in time for summer vacation we're excited to announce that we're looking for players to help us with the final play-testing and balancing of Hegemony III. All the cities and resources are on the map and we're just wrapping up the last units (see phalangites and hypaspists on left), but with the biggest and most dynamic Hegemony sandbox ever there's no way we can playtest everything as thoroughly as we want. Continued →

New Wiki & Last Week for Portrait Contest!

By rob,

One more week to enter the Hegemony portrait contest and win a custom hand-drawn avatar in Hegemony III. We wouldn't have been able to make these games if it wasn't for all the community has done to spread the word about Hegemony over the years, so we wanted to give you guys the chance to dig up those let's plays, reviews, AARs or anything else you've posted about Hegemony and use them to win something really cool. Check out the contest page for all the details on how to enter.

And if you haven't discovered the new wiki yet, head on over to Gamepedia and take a look. We're just starting to fill it out, but by the time we launch we're hoping to make it your one-stop-shop for everything Hegemony III from history to tactics to modding.

Hegemony III Portrait Contest!

By rob,

Calling all generals! Share with us your tales of victory and conquest for a chance to win a custom portrait in Hegemony III. Send us a link to your Hegemony Let's Plays, blogs, game diaries, after-action reports, fan art, reviews or other long-form posts and help us spread the word about Hegemony. Each player who submits a qualifying post along with a profile selfie and faction preference (Gallic, Roman, Etruscan or Greek) will be entered into a draw, and at the end of the month we'll randomly select half a dozen (6) entries to have a custom portrait drawn by Longbow artists to be included in the final release of Hegemony III.

Please read all of the rules before submitting an entry. The contest is open until 11:59PM EST on June 30th, 2015.

Hegemony Rome 2.2.2 Official Release!

By rob,

While most of the news these days has been about Hegemony III, we're eager to announce today the official release of version 2.2.2 of Hegemony Rome. For those who haven't been following the betas over the last few months, this new update contains a ton of improvements ranging from re-balancing of the mercenary system to better support for extra wide monitors and new controls for unit groups. For the full list check out the changelog over on Steam.

Hegemony III Coming Soon

By rob,

We're really excited to officially announce that Hegemony III will be launching this summer. We'll get into more specifics as we get closer to the big day, but right now we've got a brand new trailer that you can watch here, as well as new screenshots and content on the website and a new 'Coming Soon' page on Steam. We've also got a few more announcements planned for the coming weeks so make sure to check back as we get closer to launch.

New Hegemony III Trailer Next Week

By rob,

So this is mostly just a coming soon post for our big coming soon announcement next week, but we also wanted to share that there's a new build for Hegemony Rome over on Steam and as a preview for the new website and steam site coming next week we've got a couple bonus screenshots for Hegemony III up on Facebook.

Monthly Update

By rob,

In this month's update we'll get into details on Hegemony III's all new event/objective system, new upgrades to impress your neighbours and manage your slave trade, as well a progress report on the map and art assets and details on the new beta for Rome. Continued →

Hegemony III Progress Report

By rob,

We've been so busy on Hegemony III that it's hard to believe a whole month has gone by since our last news post. The game is coming together really well and we're getting close to the point where we can confidently announce a launch date. In the meantime check out the updates below and to see it all in action tune in to Twitch next week (Thursday, Mar 12, 4PM EST (8PM GMT)) for another live playthrough and developer Q&A. Continued →

Weekend Beta

By rob,

While the release of Hegemony III is still a little ways off, you can try out some of the improvements now in a new beta for Hegemony Rome. Version 2.2.2 Beta 2 is now available over on Steam and includes a number of refinements ported back from the new game including new ways to select and preview groups, improved targeting for ships, and some streamlining of the rout/capture mechanic.

And check back next week for another progress report on Hegemony III where we'll get into some more details on the new skill tree, resource trading and the latest units.

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