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Philip of Macedon version 1.1.5 released; Hegemony Gold launching this Tuesday

By Rick,

We've got a couple announcements today. First, we've released an update to Philip of Macedon, which fixes a couple minor bugs. Head over to the Download Centre to download it. More details on the bug fixes after the jump.

We'll also be releasing Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece this Tuesday. If you haven't been following the news, Hegemony Gold is an upgraded and expanded version of Hegemony which adds two new campaigns where you play as Sparta or Athens, a sandbox mode allowing you to play as any faction, a new diplomacy system, new tactical buffs, and lots of tweaks. You'll be able to pick that up for only $29.99, or $9.99 if you've already purchased Philip of Macedon. So check back with us on Tuesday to get your copy! Continued →

DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball now available in bundles!

By Rick,

We've added a couple new options for buying DX-Ball 2 and Rival Ball/Tournament. Now you can buy them in bundles and save some money! All five DX-Ball 2 board packs are available for $19.99, and all of the board packs for DX-Ball 2, Rival Ball, and Rival Ball Tournament can be purchased for only $29.99. That's like getting three board packs for free!

85% Off Hegemony on Steam!

By rob,

As of about noon today Steam is running a one day sale on Hegemony for 85% off or about $3 US. The offer is only on for 24 hours so if you've haven't grabbed Hegemony yet you won't find a better deal than this. And in case you're thinking of holding out for Hegemony Gold, the Steam version on sale now will still qualify you for the $10 upgrade to Gold (reg. $29.99) when it launches in the new year.

Merry Christmas! We got you a new build of Hegemony!

By Rick,

What's better than a new build of Hegemony? Two new builds of Hegemony! Hegemony: Philip of Macedon 1.1.4 is officially released today, and Hegemony Gold has just reached Beta 13. Download Philip of Macedon here and download Hegemony Gold here.

Hegemony is also on sale on Steam right now, so if you've been leaving your Christmas shopping 'till the last minute, this is an excellent time to give the gift of conquest to that special person on your friends list. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Keep reading for the changelog. Continued →

Last chance for the free beta! New beta for Gold and Philip!

By Rick,

Lots of news today!

First, and most importantly, we're ending the offer for a free upgrade to Hegemony Gold this Sunday, so if you've purchased Philip of Macedon and you would like to get in on the beta, you only have a week left to get your free serial code! Get your serial code here! We do plan to offer an upgrade deal when Gold is released, so if you miss this deal it's not the end of the world, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Today we're also launching a new beta of Hegemony Gold (beta 12) and we're testing a bug fix for the original Philip of Macedon (1.1.4 beta 1). Here's the Gold update and here's the Philip of Macedon update. Try them out and let us know if you find any bugs!

Keep reading for the release notes. Continued →

Hegemony Gold Beta 10 Now Available!

By Rick,

We've just released beta 10 of Hegemony Gold, so download it now! Remember, if bought Philip of Macedon and you don't have a serial code for Gold, you can apply for a free serial code here.

In this release, we've added new cutscenes to the new campaigns (voice overs to come later) and Rob's been spending the last couple of weeks improving the AI, so you'll notice the AI reacting more intelligently in a number of situations.

Show Me The Games!

By Rick,

Back in September, indie darling Cliffski started running an experiment to see if it would be effective to get a bunch of indie developers to share an advertising pool, and we were lucky enough to be included in his experiment.

It was a pretty simple experiment, actually. He put up a site at with a randomized list of indie games, and everybody involved pitched in some money for an ad campaign pointing to the site.

Well, now the experiment is over, and Cliff has posted a summary of the experiment on his blog, which he's calling a success. I'm personally inclined to agree wholeheartedly: here at Longbow, marketing has always been one of our biggest weaknesses, and Show Me The Games quickly became our biggest referrer, and I'm sure it's introduced Hegemony to gamers that wouldn't have heard of us otherwise.

Even though the experiment is over, Show Me The Games is still active, and it's a great list of indie games, including some of my favourites. So when you're trying to introduce a friend to the wonderful world of indie games, be sure to point them to, because it's a great resource.

Hegemony Gold Beta 8: Get your serial code now! (update: now beta 9)

By Rick,

We've got a new build of Hegemony out, and this one is our first official beta!

If you've been testing Hegemony Gold, you'll notice a big change has been made in this build: it now uses a different serial code than Philip of Macedon, so if you'd like to help us test it, be sure to click here to get your free serial code. This is a limited time offer, and it's only available to customers of Philip of Macedon, so act now!

Once you've got your serial code, click here to download the latest beta, then head over to the forums to let us know what you think!

(Update: we've posted a new build, fixing the "homeless" problem.)

Keep reading for the change log. Continued →

Register your copy of Hegemony at

By Rick,

Did you buy a copy of Hegemony from Steam, Impulse, GamersGate, Direct2Drive, or GameWatcher? Or maybe you bought a CD from us during our convention tour. Would you like to register your copy in our Download Centre to ensure that you never lose it? Well now you're in luck! now allows you to register your game for posterity. This is a great idea if you have a tendency to lose your game manuals, or if you bought your copy from one of those nasty sites that impose download limits.

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