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Fan Expo Wrap-Up

By rob,

Fan Expo is over for another year and if you've been following the coverage or were lucky enough to attend in person (because you weren't at that other gaming show this weekend) you'll probably agree this may have been the best year yet. The show floor was huge and the crowds were enormous but I'll give props to the organizers that everything seemed to go very smoothly and I'm happy to say none of us got locked out by the fire marshall this time and it only took me 10 minutes to get my family in versus almost three hours last year.

As our friends over at Toronto Thumbs point out, the gaming presence at the show was far more impressive than previous years with huge booths by Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and more. And if Uncharted 3 or Assassings Creed: Revelations aren't your thing, Philippe also found some retro gaming goodness in one of the side rooms and caught up on some original Lemmings on an Amiga.

If you couldn't make it to the show we've got a short video (YouTube or Facebook) as well as some pics showing our booth and the awesome array of cosplay at the show. Britt was also working on a new painting demo (this time with full video capture) that we'll be posting soon and we gave a handful of interviews during the show which I'll post here as they come in.

Update #1: Weird Review just posted their coverage of Fan Expo along with a fairly detailed walkthough of Hegemony hosted by Rick.

Update #2: Our friends at Two Guys Talking just posted their interview with me from Fan Expo and if you missed it before the show, they also have a review posted on the original game.

Philippe also gave an interview during the show but unfortunately we didn't catch who they were so if anybody spots it on the web let us know and we'll get it posted. In somewhat unrelated news, the Syndey Morning Herald just posted a new review of what they call "... one of the neatest little strategy games to be released in the last 12 months."

Longbow at Comic Con North

By rob,

Our next convention is just around the corner (literally) as Longbow is heading to Fan Expo Canada here in Toronto for the second year in a row. The huge crowds last year were a little overwhelming but they've extended the show to four days and moved into the larger South Hall so we're expecting a great time. As always there will be cool buttons, game stations to play and big discounts on the boxed version of Hegemony Gold. Whether you're there to see Kirk, C3PO, Starbuck, Troi, Draco or Faith, or just to grab some comics and other geek gear, come by and say hi. This year you can find us at booth 1348 near artist alley somewhere between DC Comics and Ubisoft.

Also, congrats to the winners of our social networking giveaway this weekend who won a free copy of Hegemony Gold. For those who missed out, you can still sign up to either our Twitter or Facebook pages so you'll be the first to hear about future promotions. We're also getting pretty close to the announcement of our next project and if you're interested in getting a front row seat on the development then join our LongbowDevs twitter feed for all the latest news.

Longbow talks to PC4War

By rob,

Time to brush up on your French again. I mentioned last month the guys over at PC4War had sent us some interview questions and we've just heard they've been published in issue number 51. You can preview the issue here or order your own copy from their online store.

Gen Con Painting Demo

By rob,

As promised, here is the result of Britt's painting demo at Gen Con. She also put together a video showing her work in progress which you can check out on YouTube or in HD.

The painting depicts the Theban Sacred Band following their defeat by Philip at the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE. They're Britt's favourite Greek dudes and you can read about them more here or of course you can always just try the game.

Rick talks to Stalin

By rob,

Continuing his podcast tour, Rick joined Stalin in the War Room last week to talk about Hegemony and life as an indie developer. You can listen to it here.

An in other news ... we're at Gen Con! I know we said we weren't going, but at the last minute a booth space opened up so here we are. We're a little harder to find this year but head towards the back of row 1200 and look for the big purple banner. We've got lots of free buttons and for the first time at a show we're offering upgrades ($10) as well as the full version ($30). Britt's also doing a live drawing demo which we'll post online after the show.

Hegemony on the Three Moves Ahead podcast

By Rick,

The guys over at Three Moves Ahead just posted the latest episode of their excellent podcast, and this one is very special to me, because it stars me! The guys also had some really nice things to say about Hegemony, like this:

"I really love how true it is to the period and how it understands the period."

And this:

"Hegemony is the only game that really captures Greek history really well, that really understands Greek history."

We'll also be giving away a couple copies to listeners, so go listen!

Hegemony in the News

By rob,

We always appreciate it when the press takes the time to cover indie developers so to return the favour check out the links below:

- For our Italian readers, just posted a great review (google translation) giving Hegemony's gameplay and longevity both a 9 / 10!

- And for our French readers, the guys at Net4War published a very thorough review of Gold in Les Cahiers de PC4War n°04 which you can preview online here. My copy is still in the mail so I don't know exactly what they said but they gave it an 8 / 10 so I assume they liked it. They're also publishing an interview with us that should appear in their July issue.

Update: Just got my copy of PC4War ... my highschool French is pretty rough but with the help of google translate their concluding line: "Hegemony Gold is a game too unknown to the public, yet it has tremendous qualities that make it truly a 'must-have' for any lover of ancient Greek history." If your French is better than mine they've done a very thorough job covering the game and you can order a copy from their website.

Hegemony Gold now available on CD-ROM

By Rick,

Hot on our return from the Origins Game Fair, we're ready to launch the boxed copy of Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece. The boxed copy includes a full-colour printed copy of the manual, and you'll also get a digital copy, so you can start playing right away. Click here to buy your copy now!

If you've already purchased a digital copy, you can also buy the boxed copy by logging into the Download Centre and ordering a "replacement CD".

Let us know what you think!

Longbow is going to Origins!

By rob,

In case you missed our press release, Longbow will be heading across the border to the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio next week to launch the boxed version of Hegemony Gold. We had a great time last year talking to fans, meeting other exhibitors, and showing off the original Hegemony. This year the focus will be on Hegemony Gold but if you ask nicely we might also drop some hints about what we're working on next.

For those who haven't witnessed our travelling show, there will be multiple stations where you can play Hegemony, crazy people in costumes, big discounts (50% off) and this year our art dept has been slaving away making really cool Hegemony collector buttons which will be free to anybody who finds our booth.

Longbow dev tweets now @LongbowGames/LongbowDevs

By Rick,

Just a notice to anybody who is following our Twitter feed: if you've been following @LongbowGames, you should know that we'll no longer be posting development tweets there anymore. From now on, that feed will only be corporate tweets.

If you want to see developer tweets, follow the @LongbowGames/LongbowDevs list, which follows our personal accounts. Currently that includes me, Britt, and Rob, although he's clearly been slacking.

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