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Rick talks about history vs gameplay

By Rick,

We do a lot of interviews, and it can be quite challenging to come up with interesting answers when interviewers ask the same questions over and over again. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when I was interviewed by The Entertainment Depot. This interview is chalk full of insightful questions, particularly on how the gameplay of Hegemony Rome lines up with the historical realities of Caesar's campaign. The interview was a real treat, and demanded more thoughtful answers than you might be used to reading in other publications, so be sure to check it out.

Rob talks logistics

By Rick,

In a new article on Wargamer, Rob discusses logistics in Hegemony. It's a very interesting piece that explores why we made the design decisions we made, how it reflects history, and what you can expect from the logistics system in Hegemony Rome. There's also some exclusive screenshots, so you don't want to miss this article.

Rob has also found time in his busy week to do an interview at GiN, where he submits his thoughts on the game industry and being and indie developer. And while you're at GiN, be sure to vote for us!

Hegemony Gold 1.5.5 and Hegemony: Philip of Macedon 1.1.6 released

By Rick,

After last week's beta for Hegemony Gold 1.5.5 went without a hitch, we decided to release it. We also released a new build of Hegemony: Philip of Macedon that fixes a rare crash.

To update, just log into the Download Centre and you'll be able to redownload the latest version of any games you've bought. And if you're still playing Hegemony: Philip of Macedon, be sure to check out Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece; it adds two new campaigns and a whole slew of gameplay tweaks that make the game more interesting to play, and upgrading is only $10.

If you bought you game at another site, the update will show up there eventually, but you can also get it right away by registering your purchase here.

Hegemony Gold 1.5.5 beta 1 released

By Rick,

It's been a while since we've done one of these: the beta for Hegemony Gold 1.5.5 is now available!

We're fairly positive there's no show stoppers in this build, but we wanted to do a beta anyways just to be double sure. We've queued up a number of minor bug fixes, and we also added some new features to the asset list, so be sure to download it here, and let us know if you find any problems.

Keep reading for the full change log. Continued →

Hegemony Gold nominated for best strategy game of the year! Vote for us!

By Rick,

The fine users over at Game Industry News have nominated Hegemony Gold for best strategy game of the year! But we still need help to officially win the title, so if you really like Hegemony Gold, be sure to head over to their site and vote for us. And if you didn't like it, vote for us anyway, then email me to let me know that you only voted ironically. It might hurt my feelings, but you know I can never stay mad at you.

To be eligible to vote, you'll need to sign up for GiN's newsletter, but signing up is really easy, and it will also make you eligible to win free stuff every week, so it's a good idea anyway.

Update: GiN just released a new podcast discussing the nominees including Hegemony Gold. Listen to it here.

GiN gives Hegemony Gold 4.5/5

By rob,

A new review of Hegemony Gold just went live over at Game Industry News. Their editor awards it 4.5/5 and, among other much appreciated comments, cites:

"Longbow Games not only did an impressive job, but they broke new ground in the hyper-saturated RTS genre."


"... the perfect mix of a deep and easy-to-use interface would put most RTS titles to shame."

Click here to read the full article.

Rome Dev Diary and New Screenshots

By rob,

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you'll know we've been hinting about a new Rome video for a while now. Well, it's finally out and you can watch it here. In the video, Britt, Rick and I discuss the origins of the Hegemony series, why we chose Rome for the new game and some of the new features you'll see. We're hoping to do a few more of these in the coming months so let us know what you think and if there are topics you'd like us to cover.

And for those who missed the Strategy Informer interview last week, we've now got the accompanying screenshots up on our site plus a couple new ones.

We support the anti-SOPA protests

By Rick,

So you may have heard that SOPA was shot down on Monday. Well, unfortunately, it's coming back next month, and the US Senate has also introduced the Protect IP Act, which is virtually identical to SOPA.

There's already a sea of information on why this legislation is bad for the Internet, so I'm not going to write a long opinion piece here. Instead, I'll just make a handful of salient points. Continued →

Talking Rome with Strategy Informer

By rob,

I recently had the chance to talk about Hegemony Rome with the guys over at Strategy Informer. The interview went live today along with a few exclusive new screenshots so head on over and check it out. And to quote myself from the article:

"There's no question that gameplay comes first, but our goal has always been to make games rather than simulations, so it's never been just about adding more and more mechanics. Our ideal is to focus on the critical decisions that define warfare in the period and, if the reviews are correct, I think we managed to pull this off pretty well in the first two games."

Holiday sale ending soon!

By Rick,

With the end of the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to make sure that nobody missed out on the great sale we have right now! In case you haven't heard, Hegemony Gold is only $9.99, but act soon, because the sale ends on January 1st at 11:59 PM EST!

Also, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on any of these great deals. Don't worry, we won't spam you; we only send newsletters every month or two. And as always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

From Longbow Games, we hope everybody had a wonderful holiday, and we look forward to sharing lots of information about Hegemony Rome in the new year! See you all in 2012!

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