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Hegemony III: The Eagle King Coming Soon

By rob,

We're excited to finally announce the details on the new DLC that's coming soon for Hegemony III. "The Eagle King" is based around the Italian campaigns of Pyrrhus of Epirus and his battles against Rome and Carthage. It includes an extensive new historical campaign, a new invasion sandbox, expanded game map, War Elephants, naval expansions and a lot more. Read all the details over on the new Steam page

Particle Fire Now Free and Open Source!

By Rick,

Seumas was always an advocate of open source, so we've long talked about opening up some of his projects, and we've finally done it with his Particle Fire screensaver. Go ahead and download it here or grab the source on GitHub and build it yourself.

We've also been finding that Particle Fire has been misbehaving more and more often with newer versions of Windows, so this release fixes some long-standing bugs and improves the experience on newer versions of Windows, which means even if you already have a copy, you should still go ahead and download the latest version.

Last call for physical shipments!

By Rick,

We're phasing out our physical shipments, which includes boxed copes of Hegemony Gold as well as the custom CDs we make for our older games, like DX-Ball 2, Rival Ball, Rival Ball Tournament, and Tread Marks.

If you're interested in getting one of these games on a disc, please place an order before August 1st.

This only applies to physical goods; digital copies will remain available.

Hegemony 3.1 Expansion Available Now!

By rob,

The massive new 3.1 expansion is out now on Steam with dozens of new features including new combat, colonization, scouting and rebellion mechanics as well as new diplomacy objectives, AI enhancements, editor upgrades and more. For all the changes check out the release notes on Steam and visit us on Facebook for new screenshots!

Hegemony III Workshop and Mod Blog

By rob,

Think your favourite unit is under powered? Want to change a faction's colour or create a whole new skill tree? Check out the Hegemony III workshop over on Steam! Since the last update we've been posting new mods once a week along with a blog post explaining how you can make and share your own. If you've got any questions on how to make or use a mod feel free to e-mail us or post a note in the workshop forums and we'd be more than happy to help get you started.

Steam Fall Sale - 35% Off Hegemony III

By rob,

It's that time again! While our friends to the south are enjoying their turkey, the rest of us can take advantage of all the deals over on Steam in their annual Fall sale. If you haven't visited Steam yet, they've dropped the timed sales and daily deals this time so the best discounts are available all weekend. This means 50% off Hegemony Gold and you can grab the new Hegemony III for less than $20 US! But don't wait too long because it all wraps up next Tuesday.

Hegemony III Update & Humble Store Release

By rob,

Update 3 is now officially available for Hegemony III. If you're already playing on Steam then you'll be updated automatically, but if you're new to the game you can check out all the changes here and then head on over to your favourite online store to grab a copy.

And ...

Conquer the ancient world and help out a charity! Hegemony III and Hegemony Gold are now both available DRM Free in the Humble Store. Grab either game now and get a 10% launch discount for this week only!

Hegemony III Update Preview!

By rob,

A preview of the next major update for Hegemony III is now available on Steam! New objectives, new units, longer zoom range, improved AI and lots more. Come join the beta and let us know what your think. We're also doing a live broadcast Friday at 3pm EDT on Twitch to show off the new changes and don't forget this is the last weekend to get your 20% off loyalty discount if you own Hegemony Rome or Gold!

Hegemony III Available Now On Steam!

By rob,

It's here! Head on over to Steam to grab your copy of Hegemony III and for a limited time only, owners of Hegemony Rome or Gold get an extra 20% off!

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