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DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition!

By rob,

The king of breakout games is coming back in a special 20th Anniversary Edition with new boards, online leaderboards, a boardset editor and more! Add it to your wishlist now on Steam!

Golem is Available Now!

By rob,

Our new adventure puzzle game Golem is available now! Get 10% during launch week at or on Steam!

First Official Gameplay Trailer for Golem!

By rob,

Our new adventure game Golem is almost here! Check out the first official gameplay trailer and follow us on Facebook and Twitter pages for all of the latest details.

Announcing all-new puzzle game Golem!

By rob,

We've got an all-new game coming out which doesn't feature bricks, tanks or ancient Greeks! Golem is an all-new puzzle game coming out this Fall for Windows PCs which follows the adventures of a young girl and the mysterious golem. Watch the new trailer here and until we get a webpage up you can find all of the information on Steam or our various social media sites.

And don't worry Hegemony fans, we'll be posting news on the next expansion soon and, if you haven't tried it yet, don't forget to check out the new 3.3.5 beta that's out now on Steam.

New Eagle King Page + Humble Store Sale

By rob,

It took more than a month, but our new Hegemony III DLC 'The Eagle King' now has it's own web page and is available for sale from all of our online partners including a Steam-free version in the Humble Store (Currently 15% off for the new launch!).

Hegemony III: The Eagle King & Update 3 Now Available

By rob,

The first major content expansion for Hegemony III is here. The Eagle King goes back to the roots of the series with an all-new historical campaign following the Greek King Pyrrhus of Epirus and his wars against Rome and Carthage. It also includes an expanded map with the island of Sicily, a new invasion sandbox, a dozen new factions, all-new naval units, war elephants, and more.

Along with the new DLC, we've also released the third major update for the base game that includes expanded naval combat, new tutorials, and a lengthy list of minor changes that you can read about here.

Tread Marks 1.7.0 now free and open source!

By Rick,

That's right! We're releasing a new build of Tread Marks, and that's not all, we're also celebrating Seumas' masterpiece by completely releasing all the source code! I'll cut right to the chase: you can get the Windows installer here and you can download the source from GitHub here.

The updates in this version are mostly aimed at getting it working on Mac and Linux, which is a side project I've been toying with every now and then for the last several years. It's very nearly there. It compiled on both platforms, but there's some bugs that need to be sorted out. So if you're interested, go ahead and download the source, take a look at the BUILD.txt file, and see if you can help.

Here's the changes:

* Now free and open source!
* Initial work on porting to Mac and Linux.
* Replaced Miles with OpenAL.
* Replaced most Win32 code with SFML and Qt.
* Resolution list now lists all valid resolutions, and defaults to desktop resolution.
* Settings now stored in .ini file instead of registry.
* Now checks for master server at instead of an IP address, and checks automatically when server screen is opened.
* Added support for headless server builds.

All casual games updated!

By Rick,

As of today, all of the casual games we sell, from DX-Ball 2 through Vortiball, have received an updated. The changes are:

* Fullscreen mode has been updated to work better on modern hardware.
* Any games that used shareware-style registration no longer need a serial code. Now they just have separate demo and full versions.
* If you're connecting to a custom server, Rival Ball and Rival Ball Tournament now accept DNS names instead of just IP addresses.
* Rival Ball Tournament Expansion Pack no longer requires Rival Ball Tournament.
* Various bug fixes.

To update, just log into the Download Centre and grab the latest version. Enjoy!

Hegemony III: The Eagle King Coming Soon

By rob,

We're excited to finally announce the details on the new DLC that's coming soon for Hegemony III. "The Eagle King" is based around the Italian campaigns of Pyrrhus of Epirus and his battles against Rome and Carthage. It includes an extensive new historical campaign, a new invasion sandbox, expanded game map, War Elephants, naval expansions and a lot more. Read all the details over on the new Steam page

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